An app for your fridge

LG started selling a smart fridge in South Korea this month. The fridge will tell you when the food is turning stale, if you enter the relevant information before you tuck in a bottle of juice. It will let you order online, if your grocery shop is connected. According to the profiles of different family members, it will suggest recipes. The fridge connects through Wi-Fi and can be controlled through a touchscreen.

It costs Rs 2,45,587, which is pretty steep for the current suite of features it offers. It will soon start retailing in USA and later in India as well. But the LG fridge has got many excited as household goods is lagging other industries such as energy, automobiles and security in the adoption of the Internet of Things (IOT) technology. For example, high-end cars come loaded with software you may expect to see in a Boeing or an Air Bus. From mechanical performance to entertainment to navigation, it is the software that runs the show.

You want to watch an industry in the making, take a look at IOT. The technology to connect every physical object we use by giving it a unique identity and an online presence exists, though there are certain barriers – cost, bandwidth etc. – which are preventing its mass adoption. But they are being tackled. For example, HP is developing nanotechnology sensors, which can be produced economically in large scale.

There are estimates that by 2020, we may see up to 50 billion connected devices, which will change the way we work and live. This is a prediction that is likely to come true. To sceptics, the smart fridge is at a stage the smart phones were before apps arrived to turn them into modern digital Swiss knives. Smart fridges will evolve into platforms and turn into something else, when the apps come along.


Track your device
With Prey, you will never lose any smart device. It is a free web service that tracks laptops, smartphones, and other electronic devices remotely. A software, installed on the device, connects to Prey’s host computer. If requested Prey sends information such as the device’s location and can trigger various actions.
If you are looking for open source software, go to It is a web-based source code repository, which covers many categories such as audio & video, business & enterprise, communications, home & education, games, utilities and so on. It is a centralised location for software developers to manage open source projects. There is also an interesting forum to discuss open source software.

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Chat with imo

If you like to chat and have accounts on Skype, MSN, Yahoo, Facebook, Google Talk etc. you can create an account in imo and link all of them. To link your accounts, log into imo with your pre-existing usernames and passwords. Once logged into multiple accounts, you can link your accounts by clicking the “Link” button in the “Accounts” menu. When you login to a linked account, you will automatically be logged into all the accounts you have linked. You can also unlink them later, if you choose to.

Imo currently supports MSN, Skype, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, Facebook, AIM/ICQ, Jabber, MySpace, Hyves, VKontakte and Steam. Visit

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