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About This Video : Garlic adds flavour to your hot, spicy rasam. You can also use it to make sweet payasam in just five minutes. Made with ghee, fine rava, and jaggery, garlic payasam is a delight. Ingredients 1. Garlic 10 cloves 2. Milk 1-2 cup 3. Ghee 1/4 cup 4. Jaggery 1/4 cup 5. Chiroti rava 1 spoon 6. Powdered cardamom A pinch Heat some ghee in a cooker. Use it to fry garlic cloves. Add milk and boil till the first whistle. Meanwhile, use a pan to fry the chiroti rava in ghee. Once the cooker cools down, add the cardamom, jaggery and garlic to the rava. Boil for five minutes. The garlic payasam is ready to savour.
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Added on : Feb 1, 2017
Tags : Garlic, spicy rasam, ghee, garlic payasam
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