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About This Video : New Delhi, Jan 24 (ANI): Increasing work load and rising use of gadgets, smartphones has taken toll on present generation's sleeping table. Insomnia in youths has risen as a result and anxiety is one of the closest reasons one can hold responsible for causing Insomnia. While people mainly associate anxiety with psychology, there are foods that you eat responsible for significantly increasing anxiety in human beings. According to leading nutritionists, these are the common foods that one should avoid to combat insomnia. Coffee is definitely a much needed push for everybody to get an extra push to keep up with your daily work schedule, however, consuming excessive coffee can increases stress hormone and it tends to block sleep promoting adenosine receptors in the brain. Apart from other ill effects of refined sugar, it is responsible for sudden insulin surge which goes down later that leaves you feeling tired and anxious. People sometimes consume alcohol to have a nice sleep but it further deepens the problem. It restricts production of serotonin and hinders the metabolism causing rise in blood sugar levels and restlessness. Histamine produced in aged food such as cheese or salami, which is fermented, smoked or curd is known to cause anxiety because of its characteristics to increase adrenaline in the body. Soft Drinks are very high on sugar which is one of the most common trigger of anxiety
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Added on : Jan 24, 2018
Tags : anxiety, insulin, alcohol, coffee, Insomniacs
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