2 bridges on Kudremukh highway face threat of collapse

2 bridges on Kudremukh highway face threat of collapse

Two major bridges on the Bhadra catchment area have been severely damaged in the aftermath of week-long heavy rain in Kudremukh area.

The bridge built across the converging point of River Bhadra and Hosamakki stream, on Kudremukh highway was damaged after the protective iron wall was hit by huge logs, which was washed away by the floods on Thursday. The huge cement pipes of the bridge were also damaged.

The logs also obstructed the smooth flow of the river. Residents of the neighbouring villages urged to clear the logs and to construct a permanent protective wall for the bridge.

The road closer to the bridge, built across Bhadra river, near the convergence point of Lakya stream and the river, on Kudremukh-Karkala road, has caved in. Kalasa-Karkala-Mangaluru road connectivity is feared to be lost.

The local residents have urged the Public Works Department to take immediate measures to repair both the bridges.