Akki Muhurta held for Paryaya in Udupi

Akki Muhurta held for Paryaya in Udupi

Ashta Mutt seers handed over a memento to Mysuru royal family scion Yaduveer Krishnadatta Chamaraja Wadiyar, during his visit to Udupi Krishna Mutt on Wednesday.

'Akki Muhurtha' - a ritual that signals the change of guard at the Udupi temple administration, was conducted amidst chanting of hymns and religious ceremonies by the seers--Vishwapriya Theertha and Eshapriya Theertha (junior of Admaru mutt) on Wednesday. 

Mysuru royal family scion Yaduveera Krishnadatta Chamaraja Wadiyar was the chief guest on the occasion. The seers will ascend the Paryaya Peetha on January 18, 2020.

‘Akki Muhurtha’ is the second among four rituals that are performed by the seers before ascending the Paryaya Peeta. ‘Bale Muhurtha,’ ‘Akki Muh­u­r­t­ha,’ ‘Kattige Muhurtha’ and ‘Bhattha Muhurtha’ are the four rituals. 

Prayers were offered to ‘Akki Mudi’ which is kept in a golden chariot marking the ‘Akki Muhurtha’ ceremony. Following this, hundreds of rice bags packed as ‘Akki Mudi’ were taken in the procession on car street. The uniqueness of the ceremony was that almost all organic and local rice varieties were picked for the celebration.

The ‘Muhurtha’ signifies the stocking of the rice and other cereals for the next two years of Paryaya. Later, the procession carrying ‘Akki Mudi’ entered ‘Chandramoyuleshwara’ and ‘Anantheshwara’ temples. Following this, the procession visited Sri Krishna temple and offered prayers to reigning deity.

Prayers were offered to ‘Subhramanya Gudi’ and ‘Brindavana’. ‘Mahamangalastike’ ‘Dhanyalaxmi Pooja,’ and ‘Navagraha Pooja’.

Yaduveera said that Guru Parampare and Raja Parampare share a unique bond. He recollected that his grandfather had visited the temple and he is now representing the royal family.

There were 16 varieties of organic and local rice offered on the occasion. The temple priest Shibarur Vasudev Acharya performed the rituals.