All-religion prayer held on Martyrs’ Day

All-religion prayer held on Martyrs’ Day

An all-religion prayer meeting was organised by the district administration and Sarvodaya Samiti on account of Martyr’s Day in Madikeri on Wednesday.

The sacred ashes of Mahatma Gandhi were carried in a procession from the district treasure to Gandhi Mantap.

The pot containing the sacred ashes, decorated with flowers, was placed in the Gandhi Mantap and all-religion prayer was held on the occasion. Verses from Bhagavadgeetha, Quran and Bible were recited by the religious leaders.

Superintendent of Police Dr Suman D Pennekar sang a song on Mahatma Gandhi.

Former minister M C Nanaiah spoke on the occasion and said that the Gandhi Mantap should be declared as a memorial.

Gandhiji visited Kodagu in 1934 on February 21 and delivered a speech at Gandhi Maidan. The Gandhi Mantap was built in this memory, recalled the minister.

ZP CEO and In-charge Deputy Commissioner K Lakshmi Priya, CMC President Kaveramma Somanna and Sarvodaya Samiti President T P Ramesh were present among others.