REVOS launches Bolt charging system 

It is the world’s largest peer-to-peer charging network, comprising the universal Bolt charging point and the Bolt operating system

Credit: DH Photo

REVOS, an all-in-one EV infrastructure provider, announced the launch of Bolt, the world’s largest peer-to-peer charging network, comprising the universal Bolt charging point and the Bolt operating system. 

Developed with the objective of building a strong EV charging infrastructure, it is India’s first dedicated network of IOT-enabled EV charging points connecting riders across the country, the company said.  

Made-in-India, Bolt is an universal charging point which is compatible with any portable charger that comes with EVs and works with the existing AC power supply at home and commercial establishments.  

Bolt charging points are available to buyers at a launch price of Rs 1 from October 29 until the end of December. In the next two years, REVOS aims to install more than one million Bolt charging points across 500 cities in India and other emerging markets.  

Anyone, and not just the EV owner, can buy and install Bolt in their shops, garages, RWAs, commercial parking spaces etc. for riders and use it ubiquitously to generate passive income and establish a denser charging network.  

The company said that installing Bolt requires no additional infrastructure and can be done in under 30 min with little to no maintenance. The charging units come with an energy calculator to monitor the power consumption and gives the buyer access to a lifetime of passive income. 

The company added that Bolt owners can choose to switch the device status between ‘Public’ and ‘Private’, where ‘Public’ charging points are open to the public and are available for booking on the Bolt app. The charging points marked as ‘Private’ are exclusively for the use of device owners. In the pre-launch phase, thousands of Bolt charging points have been installed across 60 different cities in India with an installed capacity of over 3,600 KW.  

The Bolt Operating System is a modular and customisable system that can be easily integrated to turn any EV into a smart and connected vehicle.  

Riders can locate the nearest charging point on the REVOS Bolt mobile app, scan the QR code, use the charger on demand and pay per use. An hour of charge on the Bolt gives riders a day's range for their EV. Once the EV integrates with the Bolt OS, riders can access features such as navigation and notification alerts directly on the bike without the need for a smartphone.  

It keeps the rider safe with an inbuilt accident detection and emergency SOS technology. When the EV is not in use, the anti-theft locking and find-my-bike tracking technology prevent the EV from being stolen.  

Once integrated with EVs, there is no need for a new product cycle to improve the product as Bolt OS offers over-the-air updates. The OS has been deployed in 10,000 devices (EVs + charging points) with 30 OEMs across India, China, Vietnam, Nepal, and Egypt. The company is planning to launch soon in Europe and other parts of SE Asia. 
Bolt is available on the REVOS website for Rs 3000. Starting from October 29, REVOS is running a launch offer for buyers to grab Bolt at INR 1 until the end of December 2021.