The age of social media

Whether or not we repudiate it, our mind is constantly judging. We have unconsciously put things into two categories, good and bad. "The mind is the unlimited reservoir of creativity” is quite true, but however tremendous our creativity be, there can only be two ultimate categories-- that of good and bad, two eternal choices back or front and two disputed options yes or no.

Primarily, we are obliviously overcritical. As many say, 'the first impression is the last impression'. Many people find having a fresh start a stumbling block. Now, they could simply pull out their phones and simply tap on an icon, making their lives seem much more jovial even though what they have chosen is the most complex choice--social media. Also known as the black hole of concentration or the vacuum of sanity. Over here, the person can choose their finest picture and then ponder over what new impression they would want to make. Never believed in magic? Well, these people just created a dimension which they can go to with the touch of a  button and be who they want to be. 

Now there’s nothing wrong with being who you want to be, but these people become who they want to be for others. We humans are not meant to be like the moon, which gets its light from the sun. We forget the real world and are enraptured in this world of contacts which break like hydrogen bonds as we become narcissists. Then, after hours of scrolling, we regain consciousness of time. 

Time! The definition of reality we and our ancestors have been living with for around a century, time that drives our every action and time that makes life breaking and making decisions. Yes, this is the same time we loose track of in social media. As you proceed to bed, we have gotten used to an unstable mind and want to do something. Then we contemplate, “What do people know about the real me?” and that’s the turn in the story where we realise that our first chance was our real chance.

What would you prefer living a lie or facing the truth? Social media is derailing us from the path of life. It's like gravity, the only way to stop is to escape its pull. And maybe this is our cue to put the phone down.  

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