Corona Cannon: This Made-in-India device can neutralise coronavirus, make public places saferShycocan cleared by USFDA and EU; to cost far less than a day’s treatment for a Covid-19 patient
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Dr Rajah Vijay Kumar with Shycocan, a medical device designed, created and assembled at the Bengaluru-based Organisation de Scalene to prevent transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 in public areas. Credit: DH Photo
Dr Rajah Vijay Kumar with Shycocan, a medical device designed, created and assembled at the Bengaluru-based Organisation de Scalene to prevent transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 in public areas. Credit: DH Photo

The latest and perhaps the most reliable solution to battle coronavirus may come from Bengaluru. Shycocan, a medical device designed, created and assembled at the Bengaluru-based Organisation de Scalene to prevent transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 in public areas, has shown 99.9% effective results.

With the coronavirus cases soaring with each passing day and vaccines still in trial stages, a ray of light – in this case, photons - has illuminated these dark times.

The Shycocan – Scalene Hypercharge Corona Canon – is the brainchild of Dr Rajah Vijay Kumar, who is also known for the anti-cancer Cytotron kits. The environment-friendly, small-sized, drum-like device has been cleared by regulators in the United States and Europe and the manufacturing process has already begun in these countries after going through 26 tests set up by the US Food and Drug Administration and European Union.

In India, the Organisation de Scalene has inked pacts with Godrej and Eureka Forbes among other companies for mass production.

The device can be set up in offices, restaurants, classrooms, malls, grocery stores and most importantly, in houses.

In an exclusive interaction with Deccan Herald, Dr Kumar said, “In nature, hypercharged electrons are present in the sun, at the Poles. The Shycocan employs a similar phenomenon, as charged photons target the coronavirus spike protein.”

This is why the regions around the Equator and countries such as Finland, New Zealand etc had fewer cases, he added.

“Something occurs in nature; we try to duplicate it. Luckily, nature doesn’t patent these products,” said Dr Kumar ruefully. He added that the patent was to avoid duplication and misuse of the Shycocan.

What is the Shycocan device?

The Shycocan is a cylindrical device proven to be 99.9% effective in curbing the spread of the novel coronavirus in an enclosed space. The product will have no impact on a Covid-19-infected person, and cannot act as a cure, but its functionality can eventually stop global transmission.

“The Shycocan adopts an all-natural process to wipe out the coronavirus S-protein. It is not a cure for coronavirus but a medical device. A device that attenuates a certain particle, in this case, the virus,” said Dr Kumar.

He added, “The device can contain the spread of the virus in a closed enclosure and it is airborne in such spaces. One cannot be sure about who’s going to show symptoms, who’s going to show severe symptoms or who’s going to die or not. The idea is to prevent the spread from an infected person to a non-infected being, even if they are next to each other.”

The Shycocan – Scalene Hypercharge Corona Canon. Credit: DH Photo

How does the Shycocan work?

The Shycocan adopts “old physics” principles, according to Dr Kumar. “When a superalloy (manufactured by Organisation De Scalene) is excited, it emits a certain amount of photons. These photons or packets of energy bounce off various surfaces to eject electrons, which have a specific energy level and charge.”

On the Covid-19 front, the S-proteins or spike proteins in the coronavirus attach on to the host cell, which is present in human and animal cells as the negative membrane potential and holds a negative charge in the cell.

The electrons ejected from the machine actively seek the negative charge of the virus, which in turn disable the spike protein of the coronavirus.

The cycle continues, as emitted photons combat the spread of the virus, irrespective of the number of infected people in the room.

What is the Shycocan made of? Are the photons dangerous?

The Shycocan is an indigenous product and the raw materials can be found at one’s “roadside vendor”. The photons released are not dangerous and the product is environment-friendly.

“The Shycocan does not harm any living thing – from micro-organisms like fungi to even the largest animals and human beings. It only attacks the spike protein – a non-living particle of the virus – and thus prevents further spread.” He added that the device may be placed in restaurants and kitchen-spaces as chefs often use active agents such as yeast in the cooking process.

The Shycocan does not alter or interrupt any other services and functions, be it telephone calls or internet connections.

Where did it all begin?

Dr Kumar said Shycocan was born as a “fun project”, and its research began long before one heard of the term coronavirus. “It was in December 2018 when we ideated over a process to reduce the infection rates in our campus and organisation,” he said.

After multiple tests and prototypes exposed to various viruses, the Shycocan was born – but was within the confinement of the Organisation’s front office.

“In April 2019, it was placed in the reception areas and hardly any cases of influenza were registered by the staff. We slowly began looking to implement it in chicken farms and piggeries, to prevent widespread bird flu and swine flu.”

The varied usage of the Shycocan inspired Dr Kumar to turn this fun-project into a full-fledged coronavirus-curbing device.

How much will the Shycocan cost?

The price of the Shycocan is unknown, but Dr Kumar revealed that the device will be far less than one day’s treatment for a Covid-19 positive patient.

“The product has been made available to the common man at a reasonable rate – one that is affordable for everybody. A lot of investment has gone into ensuring this device is safe and effective. At the end of the day – it should reach every person to protect themselves. Because everybody has the right to do so.”

The Shycocan will hit market shelves on August 15, which hinted Dr Kumar’s patriotism at the choice of date. The Independence Day highlights “the concept, technology and the fact that everything came from India,” he said.

The Shycocan will be a game-changer once it has been made available to the public. The coronavirus tally has crossed the 15-lakh mark in India, and a safe, effective, eco-friendly device is bound to bring respite to the burdened healthcare system and frontline workers. This will eventually result in lower coronavirus positive cases and an eventual flattening of the curve.

(Published 31 July 2020, 11:41 IST)