World Bunts conference held

Former Lokayukta Justice Santosh Hedge said that the Bunts community is at the forefront of education, politics and finance due to their organisational skills at their religious following in the tradition and customs.

Speaking after inaugurating the World Bunts conference organised by the Global Bunts Union and Udupi district Bunts Associations on Sunday, he said he was proud to call himself a Bunt. The community members are found all over the world and have achieved milestones in all areas including politics, industry, films and so on, he added.

He said the Land Reforms Act in the 1970s had steered the community into crisis. However, the community faced the situation with courage and the rest is history. He called upon the community members to serve the needy.

Barkuru Mahasamsthana pontiff Santhosh Guru said the devotees should not spend lavishly for rituals. Instead, the money should be utilised to help the poor from the community. He said the messages on the culture and tradition of the community should be passed on to the future generation.

  • Former Lokayukta Justice Santosh Hedge
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