Fly-by-night NRI grooms' passport to be impounded

Sources said the authorities are now likely to approach the Consulate General of India for deporting all such NRIs.

Tightening the noose around fly-by-night non-resident Indian (NRI) grooms, the regional passport authorities in Chandigarh have cancelled the passport of at least 50 such NRIs who deserted their spouse after marriage.

Sources said the authorities are now likely to approach the Consulate General of India for deporting all such NRIs.

Punjab has an abundant of such cases where women after marriage have been deserted by their NRI husbands for one or the other reason.

There have been cases where NRIs were already married, yet preferred to marry a second time on their visit to India.

Many other such dubious NRIs would often promise the moon at the time of marriage and later cite lengthy documentation processes to leave behind the newlywed wife.

Once they reach the overseas destination, they remain inaccessible.

It all started after 14 women from the region, who shared the common grief of being ditched by their NRI husbands, joined hands to fight for their rights.

These resolute fighters moved applications with the authorities seeking to cancel the passports of their husbands who fled after marriage.

Sonam (name changed), a computer engineer, is one such woman who fought for her rights after being ditched by her NRI husband. She got married last year in September to an NRI staying in Surrey.

The marriage was solemnised by the family through a matrimonial advertisement.

Three months after the marriage in Punjab, Sonam, who was by then pregnant, discovered that her husband was already married.

The husband left for Surrey with all weddings gifts and valuables. His passport has now been revoked. This could possibly result in revoking the visa rights of the individual.

Sources said the regional passport authorities are dealing with several such applications from deserted women seeking intervention. There are also applications given by men who have been duped by NRI women after marriage.

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