AAP finding ways to join BJP: Ramdev

Last Updated 03 April 2014, 19:56 IST

Yoga Guru Ramdev on Thursday said that Aam Aadmi Party has lost public support and the Arvind Kejriwal-led party was now finding ways to join hands with the BJP.

“They (AAP) are keen to join hands with BJP, their situation is shaky and they have lost the public support,” said Ramdev.

Yoga Guru added that he is supporting Narendra Modi. “If Arvind Kejriwal comes in favour of Modi, definitely, I am prepared to mediate,” he said. Ramdev added that he had earlier backed former Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on the issue of war against corruption as the AAP leader had set out to cleanse the system. But he regret it now as the AAP convenor has “lost his way”.

“He  (Kejriwal) has deflected from his mission. Now, I am advising him (Kejriwal) that don’t make excuses, don’t become a puppet in the hands of the Congress,” he said. Slamming the AAP, Ramdev said, “Till today AAP’s ideology, policies and their principles are not clear.”

“They are themselves confused whether they are rightist, leftist or communist, nationalist or opportunist? What they are, they are not clear. We don’t know what their economic policies are? What are their views on foreign policy and agriculture policy?” he said.

“They are not getting time to think on this, as their single agenda is to finish Modi.”
He added that the poor people had thought that Kejriwal will be their messiah, but they have been let down.

Ramdev added that the Congress and some other parties have been trying their level best to stop the Gujarat Chief Minister from becoming the next Prime Minister. “A fear psychosis is being created that if Modi will come, communal riots will break out in the country,” he said. “But the more they oppose him, the stronger he is emerging.”

Making it clear that he had not joined the Bharatiya Janata Party and was only lending support to Modi on certain issues, Ramdev said that people have lost faith in the Congress and were eager to give the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate a chance.

(Published 03 April 2014, 19:56 IST)

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