Music & dance reviews

Music & dance reviews

Swetha VenkateshEngaging recital

Ananya conducted the annual "Kalothsava" in which young artistes performed both vocal and instrumental music concerts. Ashwini Satish, who gave the inaugural concert is a multi-talented artiste.

After taking primary lessons from H S Nagaraj and Sukanya Prabhakar, she is continuing with Dr T S Sathyavathi, for advanced training. She has won gold medal in M Music and has passed ‘Vidwath’ examination with distinction.

She is a recipient of scholarship from the department of HRD and has won prizes from several organisations and has already performed in many sabhas both in and outside

For her concert Ashwini Satish chose Kannada compositions of different composers and her selection suited the occasion very well and successfully held the interest of the connoisseurs till the end.

After ‘Baraiah Ba’ of Gopaladasam ‘Eathaniga Vasudeva’ of Kanakadasaru, was evocative. A welcome addition was the lyrics of P T Narasimhachar (Dasharathi Mahaneeya) in the raga Kedaragowia, with nerval. ‘Nudidare Muthina Haradanthirabeku’ of Basavanna and ‘Karunisou Thaye’ of Vasudevachar were in Reethigowla and Saraswathimanohari ragas, respectively.

Her alaap for the complex melody Bhairavi was absorbing, though the devaranama "Vasudevana Nenedu" of Purandara Dasaru, not a familiar one. With her good voice, the concert stood out for her good training and talent. She was accompanied on violin by Adithi Krishna Prakash, on mridanga R Adamya and on morching by Amruth Kumar.

Talented dancer

Swetha Venkatesh gave a Bharathanatya recital last Tuesday under the auspices of the Sai Arts International. She is a student and daughter of Suparna and Sai Venkatesh. She is also learning Kathak and a student of MES College.

From the initial Malhari itself Swetha was able to carry conviction. The Malhari in gambheeranata was followed by the "Vandisuvudu Adiyali", the familiar invocatory piece. The Jatiswara (Kaanada) continued her grasp of the grammar, all the attractive aspects of the art getting the due emphasis.

Then a Keerthana of Tyagaraja "Kara Seetha Ramani" in ragamalika. The main item of her recital was the Thodi varna of Dandayudha Pani Pillai. It revealed a glimpse of her talent and good training.

She performed with liveliness, unusual of her age (16) and her expression was much above average. She was in her elements executing the pada (Choodare), Astapadi (Radhika Thava Virahe) and the devaranama (Alluvudyathako), with confidence and good understanding.

With her expressive eyes her Abhinaya was also pleasing and her career is worth watching. From the wings she was well supported by Suparna Venkatesh (natuvanga), Srivatsa (vocal), Gurumurthy (mridanga), Shankar Raman (veena), Venugopal (flute), Madhusudhan (violin) and Prasanna Kumar (khanjari).

Promising artiste

Another young artiste Priya Gurumoorthy played veena in the "Kalotsava" on Thursday, supported by S V Balakrishna on mridanga and Phanindra Bhaskar on Ghata. A M Sc graduate Priya has learnt Veena under R K Suryanarayana and is continuing with Shanthi Rao, senior musician. Thodi and Simhendramadyama - were her choice, for a detailed elaboration. Her selection like - Ninne Nammi, Brocheva, Devaranama - left nothing to be desired. But the music as such falls short in its aesthetic appeal and fell short of expectation.

She concluded her concert with a Thillana of R K Suryanarayana and "Bhagyada Lakshmi Baramma". With some more stage experience and listening to live performances of veterans, priya can climb the ladder of success.

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