AAP supporters thrash Kejriwal's attacker

AAP supporters thrash Kejriwal's attacker

Aam Aadmi Party leader Arvind Kejriwal was attacked and hit on the neck by a man during campaigning here, following which the assaulter was thrashed by supporters of the party.

However, Kejriwal, currently on a three-day campaign trail to various parts of Haryana and Punjab, disapproved of AAP supporters thrashing the attacker, identified as Jitender Leghan of Leghan village. He was later arrested and questioned by the local police.

“Someone hit me hard on my neck jst (just) now. This kind of violent reaction is expected of them. It only shows their true character and desperation,” tweeted the AAP leader after the incident, without elaborating who he was referring to. The attacker also tried to slap him. In a series of tweets, the former Delhi chief minister, who hails from Sivani village in Bhiwani, 30 km from here, disapproved of the AAP supporters beating the attacker, saying he was “deeply hurt” by their reaction.

“Our supporters beat him up in retaliation. That is very wrong. That is not expected of us.” “I am deeply hurt by the reaction of our supporters. If we also react violently, then what is the difference betn (between) them and us?” he wrote.

Kejriwal had entered Haryana earlier in the day from Badli in Rohtak district from Delhi. Asking his supporters not to indulge in violence, Kejriwal said the AAP's movement would be “finished” if his supporters retaliated to such attacks.

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