Cong, BJP candidates not revealing real assets: AAP

Cong, BJP candidates not revealing real assets: AAP

Senior Aam Aadmi Party leader Yogendra Yadav alleged on Tuesday that his rivals from the BJP and the Congress have not shown real values of their properties in their affidavits. Yadav said he will file a complaint  with the Election Commission.

 “The properties mentioned in their affidavits could be worth hundreds of crores, but they have shown to have far less than their actual values. They are making mockery of poll provisions,” Yadav alleged in a press conference.

“BJP candidate Rao Inderjit Singh has given the value of his immovable assets as Rs 14 crore, but it could be worth over Rs 300 crores even if circle rates are assumed. It is a known fact that market values are often higher than circle rates,” Yadav alleged.

“There is one 41 acre property in Rampur tehsil in Rewari district and another 2.78 acre of prime land in Gurgaon which Singh has given to Unitech and Krissh developers but are shown as agricultural land,” he alleged.

Yadav alleged  that as per the circle rate, the value of 41 acre of land is Rs 198 crore and the Gurgaon property is Rs 59  crore, but have been shown as Rs 8.27 crore and Rs 1.39 crore respectively.

Yadav also alleged that Congress candidate Rao Dharampal has not disclosed his entire property details and has stated that being a deponent or Karta of HUF (Hindu Undivided family) he files income tax return for these assets.

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