Third Front open to AAP, says Yechury

Third Front open to AAP, says Yechury

Insisting that the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) should spell out its “alternative policies”, the Left has said that it is open to the Arvind Kejriwal-led party joining the Third Front after elections.

“It is up to them. We are for alternatives based on policies,” senior Communist Party of India (CPM) leader Sitaram Yechury told reporters while responding to a query.
However, he expressed uncertainty over AAP’s economic policy and on communalism, insisting that they should clarify their stand on the issues. 

“It is good that they are taking up these issues,  but corruption has to be nipped at its genesis. The neo-liberal policies have expanded the scope of crony capitalism
and corruption. We have to target these policies. and there, the clarity needs to come in,” he said, hoping that the party’s economic policy and stand on communalism would get further clarity during the course of the election campaign.

Post-election scenario

Yechury said historically, third front government emerges post elections and it will not be any different in 2014.

Releasing two booklets, ‘The Two India Reality: Obscene Wealth, Grinding Poverty' and 'To Build a Corruption Free India', Yechury said corruption cannot be ended by establishing Lokpal.

“While strict laws are needed to fight graft, the struggle to reverse the policies which have allowed corporates a free run to loot the resources of our country must be strengthened,” he said.

Yechury also called for strict compliance to tax laws.

On the Left joining the third front after elections, should it come to power, he said the party’s central committee would decide on it after the elections.