Tollywood-style Kejriwal to woo voters

Tollywood-style Kejriwal to woo voters

Tollywood-style Kejriwal to woo voters

Cashing in on the interest generated by Aam Aadmi Party chief Arvind Kejriwal, a Tollywood movie will now show a character resembling him to encourage voters to elect a deserving candidate and government.

Telugu comedy actor M S Narayana will be seen playing the lead in the satirical film Crazywala. The film is expected to be a satirical take on Kejriwal, with Narayana’s look drawn entirely from him. 

The actor has imitated many well-known political personalities in the past, including Mohammad Gaddafi. 

However, director Mohana Prasad denies Crazywala is based on the AAP leader. “It is an effort to encourage voting in the country,” he said. Despite clearing the air, makers of the movie said they have sought the permission of the AAP before they started shooting the film. “We did not want to take any chances. If required, I'll show the film to them before releasing it in cinemas,” Prasad said, adding, “I admit we have made M S Narayana look like Kejriwal in the promotional posters, but our intention is not to make a film on the AAP leader.”

Crazywala was launched this week and its shooting will be wrapped up in a single schedule. It is expected to be released as a summer entertainer. 

At a press meet in Filmnagar, Prasad announced, “Through this film, we are attempting to encourage people to vote, choose their leaders and thus in turn, change their fate.

 We have only used Kejriwal's get-up. This was just to create some curiosity and underline some of the good ideologies of his party. But the purpose of our film is to encourage people to vote and choose a deserving leader.” The Crazywala character is not a comedian either, he added.

Other personalities who will be associated with the film include Sunil Kasyap, who is providing the music score, and Manne Govardhan Reddy, who will be acting as the presenter. Vijay Kumar Goud, Mohan Prasad and M Ramesh Babu are handling the film’s production.