TRS back-stabbed Cong, says Rahul

TRS back-stabbed Cong, says Rahul

TRS back-stabbed Cong, says Rahul

AICC vice-president Rahul Gandhi on Monday launched the poll campaign of the Congress party in the Telangana region by alleging that the Telangana Rashtra Samithi had ‘cheated’ and ‘stabbed the Congress from behind’.

 The TRS was only after power and doesn’t care about the welfare of the poor, the Congress leader charged, launching his first poll-related public meeting in Gadwal, Mahbubnagar district, in the Telangana region, after the AP Bifurcation Bill was passed. Rahul then moved on to address another meeting in Sampally, Nizamabad district.

Rahul, who reached the textile town of Gadwal by helicopter from RGI Airport, said that there would have been no separate Telangana state without his mother Sonia Gandhi’s active involvement.

“Without Congress your dream would not have been completed. But we are not the threatening type like the TRS. We will ensure that secularism is protected in Telangana, unlike the BJP, which makes Hindus fight Muslims. We promise growth and it is possible if you treat everyone equal.”

He said the TRS makes promises and they included the promise that it would merge with the Congress after the AP Bifurcation Bill was passed. Rahul revealed at the Nizamabad meeting that “KCR met me at my home after the bill was passed, shook my hand and said that he would go hand-in-hand with me. He requested for a hug, and then he hugged me and repeated that he will go with the Congress, come what may. But he cheated us. If it was a handshake, it would have been better, but KCR hugged me and stabbed the Congress from behind.”

“What happened to the promise that a Dalit will be the first CM of Telangana? What is the guarantee that K Chandrasekhar Rao will not forget the promises he has made?  TRS wants only one thing, which is power. You need a government that has a long-term plan and Congress knows how to rule and bring in development that the poor will enjoy,” Rahul said.

Criticising Narendra Modi’s development model, he said that the Congress believes in the involvement of poor, but BJP wants to benefit only the rich and industrialists.

“They want to make two Indias. But in the past decade, we have developed  the nation, brought 15 cr poor above BPL; we are promising houses for the poor and if voted to power will build a house over each head, provide free medical treatment and medicines.”

He added that the UPA will pass the Women’s Reservation Bill immediately after coming to power and “we will establish 200 women police stations in country.”  
He urged youth to stop buying goods made in China and work for “Made in Telangana.”