'TRS played no part in creating Telangana'

'TRS played no part in creating Telangana'

'TRS played no part in creating Telangana'

Congress president Sonia Gandhi on Wednesday urged people of the newly created Telangana state not to hate their Seemandhra brethren and learn to coexist with them.

Addressing a public meeting at the Ambedkar grounds at Karimnagar, where she signalled her party’s intentions to create Telangana a few years ago, Sonia said the struggle for the separate state is over and people should now strive for its all-round development.

Eulogised as Telangana Talli (Telangana’s Mother) by Congress cadre, Sonia led a scathing attack on the TRS for usurping Telangana issue and falsely claiming credit for its creation.  She categorically stated that the struggle for Telangana began decades before TRS was even born, reiterating that the KCR-led outfit has no role whatsoever in framing the bill.

“You have waited for 60 years, your dream turned into a reality now. Let me be a part of these celebrations,” the Congress president said.

“But remember that only Congress has made this possible, on 2 June Telangana will be 29th state. I salute all those who lost their lives (for the cause),” Sonia said amid slogans of Jai Sonia and Jai Telangana. Explaining the delay in announcing the state’s creation, she said “Congress has heard these voices, but took time in convincing others. We have made sure that you get your share; people of both states are close to my heart.”

 “We made the Bill, got it passed in both houses. BJP opposed in Rajya Sabha, TDP and YSRC tried tooth and nail to stop it, and the TRS has played no part in making this Bill,” she said.

Even before TRS was formed, the Mahbubnagar resolution demanding separate Telangana was sent to me, Sonia added. Criticising the BJP, she said Congress has always protected secularism, and lost great leaders like Indira and Rajeev to save the country’s secular fabric.  “Today the country is in danger because of BJP and the Sangh Parivar. We never tried to divide the nation like the BJP does, People should be careful, don’t get carried away,” she said.

Reminding Telangana voters that Congress has kept all the promises it had made in the past decade, she added: “We will continue fighting for Telangana, this is my promise. We have assured country’s biggest 4000 mw power plant, ten year tax benefit, all the Hyderabad revenue for Telangana, national status to Pranahitha-Chevella, Palamuru irrigation project , moratorium on farmers loans, and keeping the Hyderabad brand name intact. We stand by that promise.”