'Compromise politics' by UDF, LDF in Kerala: Modi

'Compromise politics' by UDF, LDF in Kerala: Modi

Both govts trying to bury corruption of each other, flays PM

'Compromise politics' by UDF, LDF in Kerala: Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the United Democratic Front (UDF) and Left Democratic Front (LDF) in Kerala are engaged in a “politics of adjustment.” “It is a contract rule between UDF and LDF once in five years in the state.”

Addressing the mammoth election rally at Vidyanagara stadium in Kasargod on Sunday, he said “adjustment politics of the Congress and Left have to be understood. It is a politics of compromise and corruption which has to be understood by the voters of Kerala.”

The politics of “compromise and contract” between the UDF and the LDF  is insulting people’s sensibilities. Kerala has been witnessing adjustment politics, politics of compromise, politics of corruption and politics of contract to save each other once in five years,” he rued.

The Prime Minister said that youth should come forward to put an end to the “adjustment politics” which is being practiced in Kerala. This election is to safeguard the interests of the youth of Kerala. Do not think this is only about who the next MLA is? he said.

“The Kerala has seen worst administration owing to the corruption by LDF and UDF in past several decades. Both the governments have been trying to bury the corruption of each other,” he said.

Taking a dig at the coalition between the Congress and CPM in West Bengal, he said both these parties were insulting the educated people of Kerala. The people should understand the adjustment politics of these two political parties.

“Is West Bengal and Kerala in India? Then why are speeches of Left and Congress leaders different in both states. In West Bengal, the Left and Congress are part of coalition while in Kerala they are opposing each other. Can people who speak in different voices in Kerala and West Bengal be trusted?” he asked.

“Congress leaders in Kerala talk about the violence unleashed by CPM cadres in the State, but when they go to West Bengal, they say only CPM can save West Bengal,” he said.

‘Politics of devt’

Appealing to vote for the BJP-NDA candidates, Prime Minister said that the people should give a chance to the BJP led NDA to come to power to free Kerala from violence and corruption.

“For Kerala to shine, politics of violence and corruption have to be replaced by the politics of development, which the BJP stands for. I appeal to all of you to vote for the NDA in the elections,” he said.

The Prime Minister also mentioned about the benefits of Agriculture Crop Insurance and Mudra Yojana introduced by the NDA government. “By 2022, when India celebrates its 75th anniversary of independence, we want to double the income of farmers in the country,” he said.

“The Central government will help arecanut and coconut farmers and we are aware of the crisis faced by them. I will make an effort to sort out the problems of arecanut growers after reaching Delhi by consulting the officials. The BJP leaders have brought to my notice the problems faced by the arecanut growers. All efforts will be made to solve the problems faced by the arecanut, coconut, rubber and pepper growers of Kerala. The Congress and Left were not concerned about agriculture growth in the state,” he added.

The Prime Minister said “when anybody in Kerala experiences any trouble, we are pained in Delhi. The Centre rescued Fr Prem who was abducted by Talibans. Due to politics of violence, so many BJP Karyakartas have been killed. They were only serving people. From Kasaragod, I want everyone to know that the land known as ‘God’s own country’ witnesses killing of innocent people by Communists.”

Referring to the recent brutal rape and murder of a law student at Perumbavoor and evacuation of thousands of Indians from strife-torn areas abroad, Modi said the Centre always feels the pain if something untoward incidents happen in Kerala.

At the meeting, the Prime Minister also introduced to the crowd a victim of alleged CPM violence Sadananda Master, whose legs were cut off. Meanwhile, the BJP district committee handed over a memento of Sri Krishna statue to the Prime Minister.