Model aborted baby for cosmetic surgery

Model aborted baby for cosmetic surgery

A controversial model, who was expecting her fourth child, has revealed she terminated the pregnancy at 12 weeks so that she could go ahead with plastic surgery to launch her porn career.

Josie Cunningham, who's a mother of three, was told plastic surgery was too risky for a pregnant woman.

"I'm having this nose job no matter what gets in my way. Pregnancy was a major obstacle and an abortion was the answer to it - so that's what I did," she told the Sunday People, reports

The 25-year-old, who has three children already, had even told the father about the unborn child and says he was "really happy" she was pregnant. But she has defended her decision.

"Anyone who criticises me for putting my looks ahead of an unborn child has no right until they're the ones putting food on the table for my kids. I don't care what anyone thinks. My body, my decision," she said.

Cunningham, who is infamous for having undergone a breast enhancement surgery, said she had already booked a consultation at a cosmetic surgery company before she found out about her fourth pregnancy.

"I'd had the b**bs done, I had the body. But I realised that to be really successful in the adult industry, I needed the face too.

"When I found I was pregnant I told the dad and he was really happy. But I was already thinking about the effect having another baby would have on my plans. I want to do glamour and some more adult work, like porn films," she said.

Earlier, she had caused a storm when she revealed she was planning to have an abortion so she could go into "Big Brother". But then she had changed her mind, and had a baby.

However, this time, it was different.

"I put my life on hold for my other kids. But now is my chance to get the looks I need so I can have the ­career I always wanted. And I'll love the money," she said.

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