Music his strength, weakness

Music his strength, weakness

Albert Jossy Rego during his recent rock show in Bangalore. Rego poses with Bollywood divas Nuthanand her mother Shobhana Samarth, close aquaintences of Rego. By the time a person reaches his fifties, he starts worrying and brooding over many things of the past and the future but Rego is untouched from pangs of aging because he tells himself that everyday is a new day and he is too young to think about things not relevant to his age.

Probably this spirit and love for life keeps Rego going on. From a run away boy at the age of 10 to the bold decision of not wanting the luxurious life that his father’s high profile job could give, from a stint in the coal mines to laying railway track inside pitch dark tunnels, from rubbing shoulders with diplomats and Ministers of Government of Kuwait as an Engineer to receiving highest civilian honour from Government of Kuwait, all of these have taught great lessons to Rego whose heart beats only for Music.

Guitar is his closest friend and Elvis Presley his idol, with Rock his religion, the stage is his place of worship. It is probably his love for music that makes people scream and cheer and clap and dance every time this young rock star steps on stage.

It was on August, 2011 that Rego took to stage in a rock show in Bangalore and the next day the newspapers and web portals wrote how a ‘young lad’ from Mangalore rocked Bangalore. Music runs in his blood.

Rego says that he has never learnt music. “When I was born on January 1, people came serenading. So music was the first thing I heard and probably from there tunes and compositions grew with me,” says Rego.

Bill Haley, Lil Richard, Gene Vincent, Rick Nelson, Beatles, Jim Reeves, Loius Armstrong are all his favourites and at various platforms Rego has brought back the memories of these musical legends.

While many had danced to their numbers Rego has made many cry in memory of their Rock and Jazz Gurus.After several memorable shows in Mangalore and Bangalore, Rego is now planning to have a mega event for charity. The proceeding of this event will be used to educate some less fortunate kids.

At the age of 17, Rego was western India’s featherweight boxing champion. An engineering graduate, he left India in 1962 to seek his fortune in Kuwait.

After making it really big in Kuwait, he returned to India and has been living at Kottara in Mangalore, making Bangalore his second home.

Off late, he has been giving shows with music band named ‘No Mascara’. With lots and lots of love for life and music, Rego goes on.