AAP, BJP squabble over ribbon-cutting in Rohini

AAP, BJP squabble over ribbon-cutting in Rohini

But Rakhi Birla backs off just before inauguration

Avoiding a possible tussle, AAP MLA Rakhi Birla gave up on her desire to inaugurate redevelopment project at Rohini sector 3 in north-west Delhi at the last minute.

Both Birla and local BJP councillor Sanjana Singh had put up posters claiming credit for the redevelopment of roads and footpaths in the Rohini South ward, scheduled for inauguration on Wednesday.

The inaugural venue and time, as mentioned in the posters placed side by side, were same too.

According to locals, the Aam Aadmi Party posters surfaced after a scuffle between BJP workers and AAP supporters led by Birla in the same area earlier this week. Following which, cross-FIRs were lodged.

Claiming that the former Delhi minister had ‘self-invited’ herself to the inaugural ceremony on Wednesday, Singh said, “I have been working to get the project sanctioned ever since I was elected as the councillor.”

She added that the North Delhi Municipal Corporation funded the redevelopment project.

“Being an elected public representative and area MLA, she has all the rights to inaugurate the event, even though the work has been done by the MCD,” AAP worker and Birla’s brother Vikram said. But he added that she did not turn up for the event because of  another ‘important’ commitment. Despite repeated attempts, Birla could not be reached for comment.

Local BJP MP Udit Raj, who was his party’s choice to inaugurate the redevelopment work, did not show up as well. So it fell upon the local councillor to preside over the event.

“The job of local councillor is mine,” Singh said, while adding Birla’s interference has been unwarranted. “The local BJP workers and the municipal corporation have stood by me.”

On Monday, Birla alleged that she was “attacked” by a group of BJP workers led by Singh’s husband Sansar Singh when she visited a local park with her supporters. 

The AAP had claimed that she was there to meet local sanitation workers and know their problems.

While Birla, a former Delhi  minister lodged an FIR against Sansar Singh and other BJP workers, the BJP-led North Corporation booked Birla and her supporters for allegedly preventing the sanitation workers from doing their job.