AAP donations see an upward trend

AAP donations see an upward trend

It is an upward graph for donations to the Aam Aadmi Party as the number of donors has been rising steadily.

Earlier this week, the total number of donors, contributing to the Lok Sabha poll funds,  crossed Rs 1.3 lakh mark.

Sources in the party said that the difference between online and offline contribution is 10:1.

The party’s online donation on Tuesday inched closer to Rs 12 crore. The contributions from national capital accounts for over 20 per cent of AAP’s total donations. Second and third biggest donations are from Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra.

Top five donor countries are India, the United States, United Arab Emirates, Singapore and the United Kingdom.  The AAP has received over Rs 13.5 lakh from 584 donors by 6.30 pm on Monday and a day before the party had received more than Rs 21 lakh, according to the website aaptrends.com.

The party had started a twitter campaign with #donate4CleanPolitics. Sources said that efforts will be stepped up and various fund raising drives will be initiated. There was a spurt in party donation after the clash outside the BJP party office.

The party’s donation that kept below 10 lakh for weeks saw a near two-fold increase.

AAP sources said that donations will rise by the day as Lok Sabha elections are now less than a month away. The party had raised Rs 20 crore for Delhi Assembly election.

According to a conservative estimate the party requires Rs 200 crore to contest the Lok Sabha elections. Considering that the party is likely to fall short of its target, the AAP candidates could only be partly funded, said sources.

Despite large number of donors, paucity of big fat donors is one of the main reasons for less than expected donations. Former law minister Shanti Bhushan had donated Rs 1 crore – the highest so far – to kick start party’s fund raising drive in November last year.

But the rest of the nine donors in the top 10 list together account for donation less than Rs 1 crore.