BJP accuses AAP of cheating Dalits

BJP accuses AAP of cheating Dalits

The Delhi BJP on Monday accused AAP founder and former Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal cheating SC and ST community in Delhi.

The AAP had won 9 out of 12 reserved seats in the city during last Assembly elections.
Dalit leader Udit Raj, who recently joined BJP, accused the AAP government of duping thousands of contractual sweepers of Delhi belonging to the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes community.

“Kejriwal is power hungry, liar, unethical, non-performer and anarchist. In 2008 he had participated in a discussion of Youth for Equality forum – an organisation established to oppose reservation – and supported them. Reservation is the lifeline of people of SC and ST community and he has exploited their sentiments,” he said.

“He could have told people of the communities that he is against reservation,” the Dalit leader said. He said the AAP lured Safai Karmchari unions (sweepers unions) and promised them to regularise their contractual jobs.

“The AAP’s election symbol broom struck the contractual workers emotionally and they supported the party with a hope that it will work for their betterment. He had promised that the Dalits will get interest free loans. He said he will ensure the implementation of SC reservation and proper use of funds released for their welfare. But he has not fulfilled a single promise,” he said.

Udit Raj said Kejriwal could have met the demands of SC and ST community people in 49 minutes.

“He ruled Delhi for 49 days, but he could have been ordered these demands of SC and ST people in 49 minutes. It is just an administrative order,” he said.