DTC awards drivers, plays safe

DTC awards drivers, plays safe

In a move to promote safe driving, the Delhi Transport Corporation awarded 232 drivers for accident-free record on Tuesday.

According to the data released by the corporation, the state-run buses have killed 270 people in 949 accident cases since March 2010. 

DTC said only those drivers were awarded who managed to avoid both major or minor accidents for an entire year.To encourage the drivers of its fleet of around 4,970 buses, the corporation plans to give these awards annually. 

“DTC has formulated criteria for the selection of such drivers which includes both safe driving and physical presence and operational performance,” the corporation said in a press statement.

A driver having minimum 256 days physical presence in a financial year and is not involved in any fatal accident for the last three years, not declared at fault in any major or minor accident for the last one year, not involved in any traffic violation or challan case and also having a overall clean record is eligible for the award,” the statement added.

The corporation said the accident prone drivers are not allowed to get behind the wheels without undergoing a special training programme. All new drivers, including those hired on contract, have to undergo a mandatory four-week training.

The DTC said it is taking help of smart classes and film demonstrations to train its drivers. To prevent errant driving, the curriculum of corporation’s training schools includes lectures on defensive driving and lessons on stress management.
“Earlier there was only one training school in the Nand Nagri Depot Training Centre, but now training facilities have been increased by setting up six other training centres at regional level,” the corporation said.

With an accident rate of 0.07 per 1 lakh kilometre this year, DTC claims that it has managed to better its safety record.