DTC rejects Delhi Police idea of Rs 50 bus pass

DTC rejects Delhi Police idea of Rs 50 bus pass

It is unlikely that state government will concede to Delhi Police’s demand of allowing men in uniform to travel in DTC buses with a monthly pass of just Rs 50.

The city transport minister Ramakant Goswami considers the demand  unreasonable and it is unlikely to get Delhi Cabinet’s approval.

Amount too little

“Personally speaking, the demand looks unreasonable to me — Rs 50 per month for a DTC pass is too less. Even the students in Delhi have to pay Rs 100 for a monthly pass. Surely, they can pay more,” said Goswami.

The minister reacted on a letter by special commissioner (administration) of police Bhim Sen Bassi, requesting the transport department to allow policemen to travel in Delhi Transport Corporation buses by issuing them a monthly pass for Rs 50. 
However, the minister said it will not be the transport department’s decision only and the entire cabinet will decide on the matter.

“The transport department is looking into various aspects of the demand and DTC officials have been asked to prepare a feasibility report about this demand,” said Goswami.

“Once we get the report, the matter will be put up before the Delhi cabinet and the final decision will be taken there,” he added.

Challans to continue

Till the time the matter is settled, DTC officials have been instructed to challan people, whether police or military, if they are travelling ticketless, the minister said. Bassi in his letter had pointed out several advantages that come with policemen commuting in bus.

Apart from installing a sense of security among passengers, incidents of eve-teasing and chain snatching are obviously checked by the presence of a cop, Bassi had said.

“Presence of a policeman in the buses is also a counter-terrorist measure as public transport has been found to be soft target world over by the terrorists,” said the letter.

The letter also stresses that it will also be a major source of revenue for the state-run buses since about 60,000- 70,000 policemen, out of a total force of 83,000, are expected to get a Rs 600 annual pass.

However, the department has sought many clarifications.  “The sense of security in the bus will only come if a policeman is in uniform. Should there be a different slab for a policeman who is not in his uniform.

Also, what if he is not even on duty?” said a DTC official. “As far as generating revenue is concerned, we will surely earn more at, say, Rs 150 or Rs 200,” the official added.