Gadkari alleges Cong-AAP deal, Kejriwal calls charge 'rubbish'

BJP leader Nitin Gadkari today charged a deal was brokered between Aam Aadmi Party and Congress by a reputed industrialist in a hotel to “stop BJP at any cost” from coming to power in Delhi, an allegation dismissed as “rubbish” by Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal.

Addressing a Bharatiya Janata Party workers' meeting here, Gadkari said he was told by a reputed industrialist how a deal was brokered at a hotel in Delhi.

“One of the big industrialists of our country helped make a deal between Arvind Kejriwal and some senior Congress leaders at a big hotel in Delhi. I was personally told about what talks had transpired in that hotel and what all was eaten by the same person.
“The person who was working as the mediator told me that the policy being made is that BJP has to be stopped at any cost,” Gadkari claimed.

Gadkari said the Congress is not dreaming of making a government at the Centre anymore and said “since they know they are finished, they will have to stop BJP at any cost”. “Congress is now dreaming that since we are finished, we will not allow the BJP to form government and also not let Narendra Modi become the Prime Minister. Understanding this, they are making their policies accordingly,” Gadkari said.

But Kejriwal rubbished the allegations of Gadkari that a deal was brokered between AAP and Congress by an industrialist to form the government and asked him to provide evidence.

“This (claim) is all rubbish. It is sad to note that a senior leader like Gadkari is talking nonsense. If he is making claims, then he should also give evidence,” Kejriwal told reporters here.

False allegations

Kejriwal said there is no truth in the allegations and reiterated that there is no “deal” between AAP and Congress or BJP.

“There is no deal with Congress or BJP. We are here to work for the people. If we pass the floor test in Delhi Assembly we will run the government, otherwise we will once again go to people,” Kejriwal said.

The BJP leader said AAP levels false allegations that all parties and politicians are corrupt.
“Then, why do they give tickets to those who do not get tickets from Congress or BJP? Why do they go to those workers’ home? In politics, politicians do not fall from the sky but come out of the society,” he said.

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