Internal fights show AAP is like any aam party

Internal fights show AAP is like any aam party

 The internal rumblings within the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) over its candidates for Lok Sabha polls from Delhi and the recent exit of a founding member of the party appear to have dented the outfit’s image of being a party with a difference. 

Leaders of other parties allege the AAP cannot run down other parties without answering questions on divisions within its own ranks. An AAP leader, however, described some of the “protests” as “fake” and linked the genuine resentment among some ticket seekers as part of growth.

Nearly 60 AAP workers on Thursday protested outside the party office against the decision to field a Jawaharlal Nehru University professor Anand Kumar from North-East Delhi seat terming him as an “outsider”. A founding member of the AAP Ashok Agarwal quit the party March 11 alleging “elitism”.

AAP legislator Vinod Kumar Binny was expelled from party in January after he called party leader Arvind Kejriwal a “dictator”.

A disgruntled AAP member also smeared party leader Yogendra Yadav’s face with ink on March 8.

On March 9, AAP legal cell president Ashwini Upadhyay resigned in protest and called Arvind Kejriwal a “liar” and a “CIA agent”.

Delhi BJP spokesman Harish Khurana said, “Aggarwal was among the finding members of the party. His exit from the AAP has exposed the differences in the party.”
“The AAP has lost its credibility. People have seen their frequent U-turns and the frequent protests show that the party is unfit to keep its promises,” Khurana said.
Delhi Congress spokesperson Jitender Kochar said a party which claimed to be an outfit of revolutionaries is getting exposed.

“If the AAP leaders are revolutionaries, why are they upset. They should be happy with every decision of their seniors. Why are AAP members protesting over ticket distribution,” said Kochar.

Co-convenor of AAP’s Delhi unit Durgesh said, “Not all protests by ‘unhappy’ party workers are genuine.”

He hinted some of the protestors were inactive members or did not remain in the party for long. “They are not serious AAP member,” he said.

“You cannot keep every ticket seeker happy in a party which has lakhs of members,” he said.