North Delhi users to get LED bulbs on EMI

In a bid to promote LED bulbs, a power discom has launched a scheme that enables customers to buy four LED bulbs by paying Rs 10 upfront and the balance will be recovered through their electricity bills at Rs 10 per month and Rs 3 in the last month.

Besides reducing the electricity consumption, it will in turn slash power bills by up to Rs 648 per annum, according to Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited. The power discom in association with the Energy Efficiency Services Ltd has started ‘LED Bulb Scheme’ as a part of the Domestic Efficient Lighting Programme.

The TPDDL’s customers in north and north-west Delhi are eligible to purchase up to fours LED bulbs at a discounted rate  of Rs 93 per bulb or could also opt for an EMI scheme by paying Rs 10 upfront.

The scheme has been targeted at households as the domestic sector accounts for almost 50 per cent of energy consumption in Delhi and lighting is a key component of the same.
“It is estimated that LED-based household lights could reduce energy consumption by 88 per cent (as compared to an ordinary bulb) and 50 per cent (as compared to CFL),” said the discom.

Praveer Sinha, MD, Tata Power Delhi Distribution said, “The importance of energy conservation is increasing with each passing day and it is here that LED scheme can play a very important role. LED bulbs help reduce electricity consumption and therefore are environment friendly. Hence, it is important that more and more people should opt for it and reduce their power consumption and spending on electricity bills.”

To avail the scheme,customer needs to provide a copy of latest electricity bill along with a copy of identity card and address proof. The bulbs are available at all TPDDL Customer Care Centers.

TPDDL distributes electricity in north and north-west Delhi and serves a population of six million, according to its website.

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