People rush to pick up AAP broom

Supporters scramble to enrol as party members now

 Encouraged by Aam Aadmi Party’s impressive debut in the Delhi Assembly elections, supporters are queuing up for membership at the party office on Hanuman Road in central Delhi.

Some 350 supporters applied for party membership and nearly 200 registered for volunteership on Tuesday, said Karan Singh, who enrols new members to the party.
“After the results people have gained confidence,” Singh said, explaining the reason for the surge in membership applications.

Prem Maggu, 65, who calls himself a song writer, applied for a membership. Maggu came from Palwal in Haryana.

“I have been working with Anna for the past three years. I am now ready to support Kejriwalji in the Lok Sabha elections,” Maggue said.

He wanted to meet leaders who could listen to his song about Aam Aadmi Party.
“It is important to channelise energy. More people are coming forward now,” said Indrajeet Dixit, 25, who works for an international airline. Dixit shifted to Delhi two months ago.

“I was not an active part of the party’s campaign, but I used to often discuss politics with people in my constituency,” he said.

“The ordinary membership is for those who conform to the party’s ideals and want to work for it when the need arises,” said Singh. “Those who give more than four months of their time, we consider them active volunteers,” he said.

The membership fee for the party is Rs 10. “AAP is also accepting online applications,” says Singh.

“We have been sweating hard for the past six months. Where were these people in Delhi’s summer?” said Sanjay Chawla, an AAP member who helps Singh with the registration process. “Now that it is winter people are coming for membership,” said Chawla.

He is also the union leader of auto drivers’ association. More auto drivers are also taking AAP membership, he said.

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