Protesters from everywhere make common cause with JNU students

Protesters from everywhere make common cause with JNU students

Students from different social backgrounds make common cause in the protest march against the arrest of JNU student leader Kanhaiya Kumar.  Among them was Ram Dayal Ahiswal, a Dalit student from Madhya Pradesh’s Chattarpur district.

Referring to the recent suicide of a Dalit suicide in Hyderabad, he said: “The incident which happened in Hyderabad is a very emotional moment for me personally. It jolted me from within. Rohith was an Ambedkarite, and I am also an Ambedkarite,” he told Deccan Herald.

“Like Rohith, Kanhaiya is also being targeted here, and I feel like becoming a part of the larger cause to raise my voice,” said Ahiswal.

Pursuing post graduation in International Relations from the South Asian University in Delhi, Ram Dayal Ahiswal, wants to give back to his community through academics.

“I did my graduation in Computer Engineering and started working with Wipro in Hyderabad after that. I, however, wanted to do something in the social and political domain, so that I could give back to the people of my community. I am, therefore, pursuing post graduation in International Relations,” said Ahiswal.

‘Only Dalit student’
Claiming to be the only Dalit student in the six-year-old university, Ahiswal said he got a seat in the course through pure merit.

“There is no provision of reservation on the basis of caste or class. I took the entrance test and qualified it,’’ Ahiswal said.

He added the system created by the upper castes, which is represented by the BJP and its affiliates, is responsible for the subjugation of voices of the backward castes. The student said his family is still discriminated against. “Even now we face discrimination in our village. I can’t enter village temple, can’t fetch water from the common spot, and have to sit on the floor if we are invited by the upper caste people for food at their houses,” Ahiswal added.

He claimed that the death of Rohith Vemula and the arrest of Kanhaiya Kumar were a part of a larger plan of subjugation of dissenting voices.

Scared for ‘comrades’
“Kanhaiya is a comrade. I fear what happened to Rohith could happen to him also. The conditions which forced Rohith to take his own life are being created here in JNU also," Ahiswal said.

“For thousands of years, the thought process being championed by the RSS and BJP has ruled over us. They need a class which could be their subservient and help them in pursuing their own goals. To keep us under their influence they use the strategy of saam, daam, dand, bhed,” said.
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