Six more involved in AIIMS cheating case

Six more involved in AIIMS cheating case

After the arrest of five persons for cheating in the All India Post Graduate Medical Entrance Examination conducted by All India Institute of Medical Science, the Delhi police is now looking for six more doctors who were involved in the fraud.

Police is also looking for associates of 23-year-old mastermind Mohit Choudhary. He was arrested on Monday along with four others in high-tech AIIMS cheating case.

Choudhary told police that six doctors, who had paid amounts ranging between Rs 25 and Rs 40 lakh for assistance during the post-graduate medical entrance test,wrote their examinations across various centres in and around Delhi. Police said four doctors took the exam at four different centres in Delhi while  the other two took their examination centre each in Noida.

The AIIMS authorities have also confirmed that the six doctors they are looking for, appeared for the exam. “We are in the process of tracking them. All of them are practicing doctors from Delhi and adjacent satellite towns,” the officer said.

Police said Choudhary, the son of a chemist, is a compulsive liar and had allegedly used fraudulent means to secure admission in the MBBS course at the Mahatma Gandhi Medical College in Indore. He had also tried to mislead the police by saying that he was a student from a private college in Ujjain. When no records were found, he confessed to the lie. “We are trying to verify the certificates Choudhary used for admission at Mahatma Gandhi Medical College,” said an officer.

Police arrested Choudhary, Kapil Kumar,  27,  Krishan Pratap Singh, 27, Bhishma Singh, 27, and Dr Amit Punia, 23, when they were using high-end mobile phones with specific software to leak the paper of the All India Post Graduate Medical Entrance Examination.

The examination, conducted by the AIIMS, is held for 50 per cent of post graduate seats in government medical colleges across the country. About 70,000 candidates took the exam at 156 centres in 15 states.