Wailing baby ruins carjackers' day

Wailing baby ruins carjackers' day

 An automobile was taken at gunpoint by two carjackers from a couple in Prashant Vihar in outer Delhi late on Saturday night, but they had to abandon the car after three-year-old baby in the back seat — which they didn’t notice earlier — started squalling.

Anil Kumar, a businessman and resident of Prashant Vihar, his wife and son were travelling in their Hyundai Santro car. They were heading towards Aman Vihar to meet a relative when the two carjackers on a motorcycle suddenly stopped in front of their vehicle. “They were near Aman Vihar traffic signal at 10.50 pm when the two assailants forced them to stop the car,” said a senior police official.

Anil had to apply the brakes hard to avoid hitting the motorcycle. The two persons then overpowered Anil and his wife, who was sitting in the front seat. “The assailants pulled out the couple and drove away the car,” the official added.

But after driving a few kilometres, they found that the couple’s child was sleeping on the rear seat.

Some policemen near Nihal Vihar C-Block saw the car speeding, and sensed something was wrong. They immediately alerted other policemen in the area. By then, Anil had called the police control room about his car with his child in it being taken away by two men. The carjackers left the boy near Nihal Vihar traffic signal and abandoned the vehicle near Rithala Metro station.

“We have found both the boy and the car. A case has been filed and a search is on for the two men,” said the police officer.