Rain wreaks havoc in Mangaluru

Last Updated 25 October 2018, 11:53 IST

The Port City of Karnataka, Mangaluru, has been crippled by waterlogging and traffic jams brought on by rains on Tuesday.

The shoddy preparedness on the part of local administration and the crumbling public infrastructure exposed talks of building ‘Smart City’.

Torrential rain that lashed Mangaluru on Tuesday morning wreaked havoc in the form of artificial flood in a majority of the roads.

The rain that started at 9 am, disrupted vehicular movement on many roads while traffic came to a grinding halt in several low-lying areas.

Many low-lying areas in the city witnessed artificial flood and water entered several houses, thus making it difficult for residents to come out of the house. In fact, fire service personnel evacuated a few persons in Pumpwell, after water started gushing into a few houses in the vicinity.

Artificial floods

Artificial floods occurred in areas like Pumpwell, Ambedkar Circle, Kodialguthu, Kottara Chowki, Attavar, PVS, Kadri Kambala, Adyar, Ekkur, Alake, Panjimogeru, Baikampady industrial area and other areas.

A majority of the roads in the city were knee-deep in water, either due to the lack of stormwater drains or due to choked drains.

Basement of the shops in K S Rao Road, M G Road and Kottara Chowki were filled with water. Many vehicles which were parked by the roadside could not be moved due to rise in the water level.

In fact, the worst hit were two-wheeler riders who could not judge the depth of potholes due to the flooding. Two-wheeler riders found it very difficult as four-wheelers zipping past splashed water onto them in the water logged roads.

The Rail Under Bridge (RUB) at Padil too was inundated, and caused inconvenience to the vehicle users. There was a huge traffic block on the stretch due to waterlogging.

Meanwhile, rainwater entered into the cellars of building complexes, housing shops and other business establishments, exposing the glaring deficiency and lack of proper sewerage system in the rapidly growing city.

Life affected

Following the downpour, life in the city was severely affected. At Kottara Chowki, rainwater entered a few houses and shops in low-lying areas. Several vehicles were stranded in the water.

Rainwater also entered houses in Urwa-Hoigebail, Sadashiva Nagara in Ekkur, Doomappa Compound in Pandeshwar.

Vehicle users, as well as pedestrians faced severe inconvenience due to inundation of streets in the low-lying areas.

On the other hand, the pathetic condition of the channel, clogged with garbage, has yet again brought into focus the urgent need to clean the drains ahead of monsoon.

Further, water-logging at Ambedkar Circle (Jyothi), a major circle where all the buses to Puttur, Sullia, Madikeri, Bengaluru, Kasargod, Konaje and Ullal arrive, caused great inconvenience to the passengers at the Circle.

Passengers rued at the shoddy monsoon preparedness by the city corporation and said it is a junction where a majority of the passengers board the buses to various destinations.

Further, a school and a college is situated near the bus stand where thousands of children pursue their education. “With the water-logged road, how will they board the buses?” many wondered.

Had the civic authorities taken precautionary measures, the artificial flood could have been checked. Even last year, the Ambedkar Circle was flooded which is repeated this year. This clearly proves that the authorities have failed to rectify the problem, said the passengers.

An advertisement executive Jayaprakash said that there was water till waist in Kottara Chowki. All the buses to Kottara Chowki were diverted via Kodikal. In fact, there was knee-deep water in Kadri-Kambala road as well.

The road from Carstreet to Mahammayi Temple, Kudroli to Pragathi Service Station and Dongarkeri to Kudroli Kambala remained inundated.

A compound wall collapsed at Kannur Borugudde and fell on the car.

A landslide was reported near KPT and a huge tree fell on road at Valencia. In addition, a compound wall collapsed at Shivabagh.

Industrial area

The artificial flood in Baikampady industrial area and Angaragundi RUB inconvenienced the vehicle users.

In fact, there was more than four feet water on the road, leading to a printing press in Baikampady. A newspaper printing press too was inundated with water and as a result, newspaper could not be printed in the press.

Shifted in boat

The schoolchildren of Gujarathi School in Alake were shifted by the fire service personnel and general public using a boat.

The Central Railway Station and RMS too was waterlogged. The RMS officials rued at the poor response from fire service personnel and DC Control room, where postal articles were damaged.

Appeal by MLA

Mangaluru South MLA Vedavyasa Kamath said that he has already spoken to DC, MCC Commissioner and the Police Department to initiate measures to check inconvenience met to the people. He appealed to the Mangalureans not to panic and stay safe at home.

Water in Temple

The rain water has inundated Muli Bappanadu Sri Durgaparameshwari Temple premises. A huge tree fell on sub registrar office in Mulki and damaged the building.

A petty shop and electric lines were damaged when a tree fell on Kinnigoli Road. Artificial flood occurred on Haleyagadi service road on the national highway. Paddy fields have been inundated at 10th Thokooru.

Train services hit

Flood water also affected the train services in Mangaluru. At least three trains were delayed on Udupi route and three trains were delayed due to landslide between Mangaluru railway station and Ullal station.

While the landslide was reported at 17.15 hours, it was readied by 18.15 hours.

The delayed trains include — Train No.22149 Ernakulam-Pune Superfast Express, Mangaluru-Chennai Mail and Okha-Ernakulam Express.

MP visits

MP Nalin Kumar Kateel visited the rain-affected areas in Mangaluru. Speaking to reporters, he said that the district administration is all set to help the residents.

In addition, a helpline has been opened at BJP office (9900922799/8296152717/7338010610). Food and lodging facilities has been arranged at Sanghanikethan, for those affected with flood.

A team of doctors are also ready to help the affected in case of necessity.

(Published 29 May 2018, 16:19 IST)

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