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Last Updated : 14 January 2010, 12:09 IST
Last Updated : 14 January 2010, 12:09 IST

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 How would

you like to help your father and to save Rs. 6,240? Or give them tips to buy the best camera available? Just visit the sweetshop of sensible shoppers! It is inside a brand new consumer magazine which has just come to India.

Which? Right Choice, is crammed with useful information for kids, teenagers and adults and every family should own it to become smarter shoppers. If you read the August issue it will treat you to a basket of tips about which digital camera to buy, because it has tested 171 which are in the market! It also tells you how to use a camera, how to take stunning shots, what to avoid and what to learn about clicking the magic box to make your pictures awesome!

It tells you that Rs. 6240 is the amount you could save annually by making your own juice rather than going to a juice bar! And that 200 watts is the extra power used by a 42-inch plasma TV set compared with an LCD TV of similar size! It also found out that 82 per cent proportion of broadband users who switched ISPs in the past 12 months and found it very or fairly easy!

The best news ofcourse is that Rs. 0 is the cost of Right Choice anti-spam, anti-virus,anti-spyware and firewall protection (they’re free!)

Which? Right Choice gives you independent expert advice you can trust because it is based on sturdy research. It tells you about home insurance, how to buy the  best policy to protect your home and goods. It also tells you which stores are the most helpful and reliable when you need to return something you bought, and warns you about the stores that are not so helpful! Read about the lady who found insects inside the duvet she bought from a reputed shop and was horrified. But she was even more upset when the shop refused to take it and the insects back!

You will read many more such true stories about buyers who were treated shabbily by shop owners and how they became smarter. This magazine will give you many tips about how to shop, how to complain, how to get your money’s worth. It also tells you which firms in the malls are good at taking back bad goods and keeping the buyers happy, and which aren’t so good.

You can find out more about E-bikes which have three problems: lack of speed, lack of power and long charging times! Two pages are filled with advice about these bikes. While they are environment-friendly, cheaper and good for small journeys, they are also unreliable in the rain. Rs. 20 is the cost of fully charging an electric bike! Read more about them in this magazine.

One snippet also shows you how to spot fake toffees so you can avoid buying them and falling sick. You will learn about the best broadband provider rated by consumers.

There are hundreds of other interesting things to find out every time you get this guide to shopping smart! So write to : letters@whichrightchoice.com or write to Feedback, Right Choice, c/o Hill Road Media, 76, Pali Village, Pali Naka, Bandra West, Mumbai 400 050.Also email to : info@whichrightchoice.com. Editor: Yohaan Dattoobhai.

Youcanalso checkout www.whichrightchoice.com.

Visit this shop right away and gobble up the goodies of good sense while shopping!

Published 14 January 2010, 12:05 IST

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