Mughal Gardens opens for general public

Mughal Gardens opens for general public

Mughal Gardens opens for general public

President Pranab Mukherjee today opened for the general public the Mughal Gardens which will display some of the chosen best flowers and shrubs for visitors till March 17.

Mukherjee took a stroll for about 30 minutes in the gardens going through minute details of the facilities and the flower carpets created in neat order in a 15-acre area of Rashtrapati Bhavan.

"The President said he enjoyed morning walks every day in the gardens. He welcomed the public to come and see the Mughal Gardens in large numbers and enjoy seeing the flowers in full bloom. He expressed the hope that the future of the country would be as bright and vibrant as the flowers in the Mughal Gardens," a Rashtrapati Bhavan statement said.

The Gardens, opened for public between 10am-4pm, will have the main attraction of close to 2500 Dahlias flanked by trees of little 'China oranges' spread intermittently in the geometrical lawns meticulously brought up by a team of 35 dedicated gardeners of the President's Estate.

"The main attraction this year is the floral wall of Dahlias which will be in full bloom and colour when the visitors start arriving. The indigenous soft 'doob' grass has been laid on the grounds which will present a soothing view to the visitors," Officer on Special Duty (Horticulture) at the Rashtrapati Bhavan Nigam Prakash said.

A host of flowers like Roses, Dahlia, Calendula, Gerbera, Linaria, Larkspur, Gaznia, Verbena, Viola, Pansy Carnation, Chrysanthemum, Marigold, Salvia and many more would welcome the visitors.

Last year the gardens recorded 6.5 lakh footfalls when they were opened for a month's times.

Some days have been reserved for the visit of special category of visitors. While farmers will have their exclusive day on March 18, differently-abled persons and those who are visually challenged can visit the Mughal Gardens on March 19. Security forces personnel will have their day of visit on March 20.

The gardening team, according to OSD Prakash, has made special efforts to keep the colour theme of flowers a predominant yellow and white this year. There will be special enclosures like the 'spiritual garden' with trees like 'Rudraksh', 'Chandan', 'Hina', 'Kadamba', 'Banyan', 'Peepal' and Date Palm for visitors. For those who take special interest in herbs and aromatic plants, an exclusive area has also been prepared.

The herbal and Bonsai gardens-- unique as their names-- will add to the charm of the overall layout of more than 55 species of flowers that constitute the landscape of the gardens which derive inspiration from European, British and Mughal styles of flower laying.

The musical fountain in the gardens will play tunes of Shehnai and also Vande Mataram in synchronisation with light and sound effect. Due to security reasons, visitors will not be allowed to carry water bottles, other baggages, camera and cell phones during their visit to the gardens.