Arkalgud farmer sets up mega dairy on Israel technology

Arkalgud farmer sets up mega dairy on Israel technology

Machines assembled to milk the cows at the mega dairy in Arkalgud, Hassan district.

M C Rangaswamy, a farmer of Doddamagge village in the taluk, has established a milk dairy, by adopting Israel model technology.

The dairy, set up at a cost of Rs 20 crore, will first rear 1,000 cows. More would be added in phases to the unit.

Speaking to DH, Rangaswamy said, “We were rearing 100 cows to supply manure for organic farming. Later, during our tour to Israel, we visited several milk dairies to understand the technology used by them. Inspired by the new technologies adopted for milk production and cattle rearing, we initiated the process and hope it would be a success.”

Most of the work, like milking, cleaning the dung and supplying fodder to the cattle would be done by machines. The milk collected from the cows would be pasteurised and will be packed automatically, he explained.

There is a facility to milk 48 cows at a time. The machines will complete one batch of milking in seven minutes. The setup is systematic.

The dung and cow urine will flow and automatically reach the agricultural land to be used as manure. The management of cows would be technology-based.

The movement of cows, their health condition and other activities can be monitored using computers, he added.