Ayodhya case: Lawyer alleges threat from Chennai prof

Ayodhya case: Lawyer alleges threat from Chennai prof

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Senior advocate Rajeev Dhavan on Friday sought contempt action from Supreme Court against an 88-year-old professor from Chennai for sending a letter “threatening him with dire consequences” for representing the Muslim side in the Ayodhya dispute case in the top court.

He claimed to have received a letter dated August 14, 2019, from Prof N Shanmugam.

Dhavan said that he had received a WhatsApp message from one Sanjay Kalal Bajrangi, which is also "an attempt to interfere with the administration of justice".

“It needs to be mentioned that the petitioner has been accosted both at home and in the court premises with intimidating behaviour by several persons,” the 73-year senior advocate stated in his petition.

He sought suo motu contempt action against the professor, who allegedly, stated, “Hindus will not forgive you for your present role. If you have a conscience, you should recuse yourself immediately”.

“From February 1941 till today, I have chanted Gayatri Mantra 50 lakh times. From September 1958 till today, I have read Ch. 10 of GITA 27000 times. With that tongue, I curse you. Very soon my Lord will give you the punishment you deserve. Your tongue shall stop speaking. Your legs will become inactive. Your eyes will lose sight. Your ears will not hear. You will live like a vegetable and a burden on Earth laughed and derided at by society. Your family shall perish without anyone to lit (sic) the fire,” the letter cited by Dhavan stated.

In his petition, Dhavan said, “By sending the letter the alleged contemnor has committed criminal contempt because he is intimidating a senior advocate who is appearing for a party/parties before this court and discharging his duties and he ought not to have sent such a letter.”