Election FAQ: Using cVIGIL to report MCC violations

Election FAQ: Using cVIGIL to report MCC violations

With the Assembly Elections just days away, and the Model Code of Conduct in force, it is generally expected that candidates will not engage in violation of any rules the ECI has put in place. However, to ensure that politicians toe the line, the poll body has an app to help citizens report any violation they see. Here's how you use the app to report a violation.

The app, called cVIGIL, is available on the Play Store. Once you download the app, you can log into it, or even go anonymous, to register your complaint.

To register the complaint, the app will require you to allow access to your phone's camera and storage. Alternatively, you can do the same through the cVIGIL website.

Once you have logged in, the app will show a list of probable MCC violations in a list, such as:

Money Distribution

Gifts/Coupons Distribution

Liquor Distribution

Posters/Banners without permission

Display of Firearms, Intimidation

Vehicles or Convoys without permission

Paid News

Property Defacement

Transportation of voters on polling day

Campaigning within 200 meters of the polling booth.

Campaigning during the ban period

Religious or communal speeches/messages

Use of speakers beyond the permitted time

Putting posters without a declaration

Transportation of public for rallies


After determining which category the violation comes under, you can record a video of under two minutes or take photographs and upload it through the app. Once uploaded, you should fill in the relevant details and submit the complaint.

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