Jharkhand results show BJP can be defeated: Chidambaram

Jharkhand results show BJP can be defeated: Chidambaram

Congress leader P Chidambaram. (PTI Photo)

Results of Jharkhand Assembly elections that saw JMM-Congress alliance winning by a comfortable majority show that the BJP is “not unbeatable”, senior Congress leader P Chidambaram said on Monday while asking Opposition parties to join forces to defeat the ruling party at the Centre.

“The Congress thanks and congratulates the people of Jharkhand for electing the JMM-Congress alliance to power. BJP has been defeated in Jharkhand and the results have shown that it is not difficult to defeat the BJP,” Chidambaram told a press conference at the TNCC headquarters.

Contending that BJP is not “unbeatable”, Chidambaram said the saffron party can be defeated certainly in the future too if all opposition parties rally together and understand the dangers faced by the country and come together.

He also said the BJP’s electoral fortunes have dwindled since its Lok Sabha win as it performed well below its own expectations in Haryana an Maharashtra.

Earlier, Chidambaram had tweeted that the BJP was “dented” in Haryana, “denied” in Maharashtra and “defeated” in Jharkhand. “All non-BJP parties must raise their sights and rally around the Congress to save the Constitution of India,” he said.