Mental health care activities at rehab centres

Mental health care activities at rehab centres

Helping the flood victims over come grief and trauma especially among the kids and elderly, the state government has directed district health officers to carry out sensitisation activities besides holding recreational events at flood relief camps across the flood affected districts. 

The Health and Family Welfare department and Ayush Services have separately issued circulars to take up activities for ensuring the mental health of the flood affected people and to document such activities. These activities will held all through the day at relief camps.

According to the circular, special attention shall be given to sensiting people about mental health problems following the disaster. “Children shall be engaged with scores of activities like drawing and painting and team games.

The affected at these camps shall be engaged by screening movies and conducting yoga,” the circular said.

The required mental health drugs are to be procured through DMHP funds or National Free Drugs funds by the officials concerned.