No relief for youth who risked life to save others

No relief for youth who risked life to save others

K R Satish, a 20-year-old boy from Thora village, who tried to save his friend's family buried under a landslide, almost losing his own life undergoing treatment with broken feet, at Government Hospital, Virajpet on Tuesday. (DH Photo/ B H Shivakumar)

The family of Satish K R, who almost lost his life while trying to save the family of his friend from the landslide in Thora, is struggling to make ends meet as bureaucracy is yet to take note of their situation.

On August 9 morning, when the hill caved in, Satish rushed along with Darshan to save the latter’s family. They would have succeeded if they had arrived moments earlier. As they stepped into the door, a mountain came down in the form of sludge and levelled the house. 

While Darshan was thrown off to the higher ground, Satish was completely buried under the mud save for his hand. Darshan saved him by clearing the mud off his face but could not do more as the youth’s foot was stuck under a pile of bricks. Satish was finally saved by his brother Madesh.

Lying on a bed in the government hospital at Virajpet, Satish is yet to see any form of relief for the leg fracture he suffered while trying to help a family in distress. 

Coming from a family of agricultural labourers, both Satish and Madesh helped their father in taking care of their differently abled mother. The leg fracture has not only hit the family hard with the parents forced to live under the care of relatives.

“Since the day of the accident nobody has come to help us and we have not gone to people asking for help. It is not that people do not know about it. K G Bopaiah (Virajpet MLA) himself had visited my brother. But no help has come our way,” he said.

Satish only had regrets that he could not save his friend’s mother and sister. “I saw them crouching behind the cupboard in fear. That’s the last. I just feel sorry,” he said.

Madesh alleged that the doctors have not even performed X-ray on his brother’s foot.

“I have been asking for a copy of the X-ray every day for a week now. They have been evading my questions. When he complained about pain in the leg, some staffer advised him to shift to a private hospital. Where do we bring money for that,” he asked. Taluk Health Officer Dr Yathiraj did not respond to repeated calls.