Nobody dared remove Art 370 despite lot of talk: Modi

Nobody dared remove Art 370 despite lot of talk: Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi. PTI Photo

Article 370 stood in the way of "one country, one Constitution", but no previous governments dared remove it, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Thursday.

Addressing a poll rally for the October 21 Maharashtra Assembly elections, Modi said the echo of New India's influence could be heard across the world now after the strong mandate given by the people ensure a stable government at the Centre.

Modi also said he will not rest till "each penny looted from the poor and the middle class" is returned to them.

"Article 370 had been a big hurdle in the way of having 'one nation, one Constitution'. There was a lot of talk about removing the hurdle, but none dared it," Modi said.

"Is it the first time that the government got the majority? No. But they didn't do it," Modi said.

The decision (to abrogate Article 370) was not an easy one to make, he said, adding the India of the 21st century was not afraid of changes.

He also assured people, particularly youth, that the coming years are filled with opportunities and noted India was among the FDI-friendly nations.

"Every business leader I have had a discussion with globally is keen to come to India. The growth in investment in India in the last five years has been five times," he said.