Bakeries bring out tempting treats for Christmas

Bakeries bring out tempting treats for Christmas

Cakes brought out for Christmas in Mangaluru.

Heralding Christmas with plum cakes, cupcakes, multi-layered cakes, an array of muffins, bakeries across the city are ready to serve a slice of cake to all.

Cakes are a treat for connoisseurs. Bakeries and sweet shops offer delicious cakes and baked Christmas cookies to those who step inside. Many well-known bakeries did brisk business in the city on Monday.

Many families prefer to buy the ‘kuswar’ (traditional sweets made during Christmas season which include nevryo, kideo, gulio, kokkisan, rice laddu, tukdi and of course cakes), from bakeries. Many bakeries are offering ‘gift packs’ which contain all ‘kuswar’.

“Our Christmas specialities include a variety of cakes such as carrot cake, date and walnut cake and rich plum cake,” said Lester Vas, owner of Vas Bakery in Mangaluru. Vas and Sons Bakery is known for adding more goodies to their list of baked items, each year. This year, ‘Kuswar’ includes over 22 different traditional sweets. Along with the Kuswar, the bakery offered coloured loaves of bread—with Christmas colours—red, golden and green.

Rich plum cake that the bakery prepares is made with the essence of pure rum. The fruit used to make the dough is soaked in rum for about a month. The plums, raisins and dry nuts are pre-soaked in rum for about two months. 

Apart from Christmas delicacies and goodies, the bakeries in the city were offering chocolate, pineapple, butterscotch, strawberry pastries and others.