BJP should clarify its stand on Ram Mandir, demands VHP

BJP should clarify its stand on Ram Mandir, demands VHP

Keshava Hegde, Dakshina Madhya Kshetra organising secretary of the VHP, has urged the BJP-led Central government to make its stand on the Ram Mandir clear.

“It is the demand of all Hindus to construct the Ram Mandir at Ayodhya,” he stated.

He was speaking at a programme organised for ‘sankalpa’ of the Ram Mandir and mass recitation of the Rama Taraka Mantra at the Mahishamardini temple at Kadiyali in Udupi.

“Even after four and a half years of coming to power, the BJP has not raised the issue of the Ram Mandir in the country. The Hindu society is questioning the commitment of the BJP on the Ram Mandir issue. The party should reply to the people of the country,” he demanded.

Hegde said that prior to 2014, there had been an anti-Hindu government at the Centre. “There had been an increase in corruption and terrorist activities. In the hope of reforms, the BJP was elected to power in 2014,” he pointed out.

Speaking further, he said, “Construction of Ram Mandir is nothing but re-establishing self-respect of Hindu community. Ram Mandir should be constructed at the Ram Janmabhoomi only. Our agenda, however, is not Ram Janmabhoomi only. It also includes Krishna Janmabhoomi at Mathura and the construction of the Kashi Vishwanatha Mandira. We will continue to fight till our demands are fulfilled.”