Why Should You Have a Digital Business Card on Your Phone?

Last Updated 27 February 2024, 11:19 IST

If you’re a business owner, you can meet a potential client, partner, or investor anytime. You need to build connections and share contact details proactively.

The same goes for sales professionals, real estate agents, insurance agents, and similar individuals.

While being ready and dynamic is crucial, you may only sometimes carry business cards. But that shouldn’t stop you from making valuable connections for your business.

Having a digital business card on your phone can help you make connections on the go. When you meet someone, just pull out your phone and share your digital business card using a QR code or NFC. Here is our recommended list of 5 best Digital business cards.

Let’s understand why digital business cards are a must-have on your phone for your business.

Impulsive networking is the need of the hour

Business networking can be of two types.

In one case, you attend a networking event and meet potential prospects. You go to them, tell them about your offerings, and exchange contact details. It’s a more outbound approach, where you need to go to people and convert them into a contact.

But what about instances when you’re not networking actively, and someone comes to you? Suppose you’re in a restaurant talking to a client. Someone overhears your conversation, comes to you, and asks about your business.

In this case, the person is already interested in your offering and wants to connect. You should be able to share your contact details in a snap, or else you’ll lose the opportunity.

Having a digital business card in your phone can be invaluable in this situation. Instead of pulling out your wallet and hoping to find a physical business card, just take out your phone and share your digital business card in a few seconds.

It’s fast and convenient and can be a lifesaver in impulsive networking situations.

Digital business cards in networking events

Not only do digital business cards help you in impulsive networking situations, but they also excel in networking events.

Usually, you must carry a stack of physical business cards to a networking event and hand them out to as many people as possible.

Once you hand them out, you won’t even know if someone engaged with them or threw them away. And what if you distribute too many cards and run out of them?

Digital business cards resolve many such concerns posed by physical business cards.

Instead of carrying hundreds of physical cards, you can have a digital business card on your smartphone. Sharing your contact details through a digital business card is easy; you can even track how many people opened it.

There are two ways to use digital business cards in networking events.

1. Print a QR code on a physical business card and hand it to people. They can scan the QR code to open your digital business card and save your contact details.

2. Go cardless! Show the QR code on your smartphone and share your contact details without needing physical business cards.

Why should you keep digital business cards on your phone?

Keeping a digital business card in your phone can have many benefits, from instant access to seamless contact sharing.

Here’s why you should always have your digital business card on the phone.

Instant access and sharing

The most significant benefit of keeping a digital business card on your phone is instant accessibility. If needed, you can pull out your phone and share your digital business card in seconds.

The business networking landscape is quite competitive; securing or missing out on a networking opportunity can take seconds. Being quick is, therefore, essential, and that’s what keeping a digital business card in your phone enables you to do.

Allow prospects to save your contact details seamlessly

Keeping a digital business card in your phone allows you to share your contact details in an instant and helps people save contact details fast.

When you have a digital business card in your phone, you can show its QR code to other people. They can scan the QR code to open your digital business card and save your contact details.

On the other hand, imagine the process with a physical business card. You give the card, and they take out their phones, open the phonebook, manually enter the details, and save them.

Build more connections fast

The bottom line is that having a digital business card in your phone helps you build more connections quickly. You can share contact details with more people regardless of whether you have a physical business card or not.

Furthermore, you can offer an excellent networking experience to other people. Instead of making them go through the manual hassle of saving details through a business card, you just allow them to scan and save your contact information.

It makes their lives easier and helps you network better.

Key benefits of digital business cards you should know

If you are serious about networking, you may have already switched to a digital business card. If not, here are some reasons you should.

Fast and digital contact sharing

Digital business cards allow you to share contact information digitally and instantly. People can scan a QR code or tap an NFC chip to open your digital business card and save the contact details in a few clicks.

The process is significantly faster than saving contact information from a business card. Moreover, saving information from a physical card can be prone to errors and typos, which isn’t true with digital business cards.

Real-time information editing

Another massive advantage of a digital business card is that you can edit your information anytime without changing the page URL or reprinting the QR code.

Let’s say your phone number, email ID, or address changes. If you use physical cards, you’ll have to reprint the entire stack of cards and throw away the earlier one.

But that’s not the case with digital business cards. You can simply edit the information any time you want.

Share in-depth contact details

Digital business cards allow you to share in-depth information. You can share multimedia files, location URLs, and clickable buttons besides the regular contact details.

Compare it to a physical card, which can include text information only.

The more information you share about yourself, the more your connections will know about you. And the more they know about you, the more likely they will do business with you.

So, sharing in-depth information helps you build trust and, thus, develop more connections.

View analytics and leverage retargeting

With digital business cards, you can track your networking efforts. You can see how many people open your digital business cards and from which locations. These insights help you make informed decisions and tailor your networking efforts accordingly.

What’s more, digital business cards enable you to run retargeting ads. You can add a Google Analytics tag or Facebook Pixel to your digital business card’s HTML code to retarget users who have previously visited the page.

Best practices for creating a digital business card

Now that we’ve covered the benefits of a digital business card, let’s look at some best practices you should follow when creating one.

Choose the right digital business card platform

It’s absolutely critical to select the right digital business card platform. Find a solution that offers good customization options, such as customizable templates, logo and branding, and color palettes.

Besides, look for bulk creation, white labeling, folders, subaccounts, and analytics capabilities to unleash the true potential of digital business cards. One that we recommend is QRCodeChimp’s digital business card.

Add in-depth information and update regularly

Make sure to leverage the various information fields of digital business cards. Share as much relevant information as possible to help your connections know more about you and make better decisions.

However, including in-depth information isn’t enough. You need to constantly update it to ensure your connections get up-to-date information about you.

Prioritize design and visual appeal

The design of a digital business card plays a vital role in grabbing people’s attention and encouraging them to take action. Choose a good template for your digital business card and customize it to align the digital business card with your brand and personality.

That said, avoid overdesigning and keep things simple. Don’t use flashy colors or fonts so that your digital business card looks appealing and professional at the same time.

Invest in white labeling

Finally, invest in white labeling. The white labeling feature allows you to replace the default page URL with a custom domain URL of your choice. You can use your brand’s domain URL to maintain brand consistency and provide a unified experience to your connections.

Final thoughts

Digital business cards make networking easy. Having your digital business card in a smartphone allows you to share your contact details and build new connections anytime and anywhere. It also reduces the dependency on physical cards and helps you network more proactively.

So, create a digital business card now and save it on your smartphone for instant, hassle-free networking and contact sharing.

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