10 Best Sites To Watch & Read Anime Episode Review

Well, when you struggle to keep up with your favorite Anime. That’s when you hit the internet to figure out the better way to have a recap, an intricate analysis, and theories that may surround it. But at the same time, you would want to enjoy the heck of it right? So you also refer to what’s next and when the new episode might hit? But where can you find it bundled together? That’s what we are looking at today. Here are the 10 Best Sites that provide a detailed analysis of Anime episodes and also release date, timing, a recap, and the platforms you can view it from.
The sites mentioned down here comes from a bunch of underrated gems as well as big names. Those who have kept up with the new episodes regularly and didn’t miss out much. At the same time has provided enough information to keep up with. So with no further adieu, let's begin.

Well, here comes the big name. CBR might be competing in the big leagues but it still covers the aspects that other big names might not. CBR has kept up with each episode of a popular anime and covered it. Even today it keeps up the mark with professional writing that comes from years of experience.
The team is huge and CBR’s anime section is filled with a range of anime-related articles. There are theories, questions answered and Originals coming from them. But episode reviews are something they have kept update amidst this long pool of different anime articles. Reading the review might land you to one of the others and keep you busy.

2. Anime News and Facts
Anime News And Facts is another website much like Anime Manga News. If you visit you can find similar episode reviews that fill the entire home page. So the site has made sure they are keeping up with the shows. Let them be popular or not. 
Much like Anime Manga News, even Anime News and Facts to cover all the basic questions of a viewer. But along with that, they make sure to give more additional details like the release of an anime in different time zones, its English dub expectations the OTTs it may feature soon on.

3. Otakukart
Probably one of the fastest-rising entertainment news websites. OtaKukart is a site that actually built itself upon anime and the otakus. The name speaks out loud, doesn’t it? Fast forward to today, the writers at Otakukart still keep up with every popular anime out there and cover it extensively on their sites. 
The writing comes off quite detailed. Plus there are follow-up articles related to the particular anime covered as well that could keep you entertained long enough and informed enough. For example, ending explained articles and answering some important questions about a particular anime. So coming back, Anime might be something they grew up on but today Otakukart covers almost every popular aspect that carries the tag of entertainment.

4. AnimeMangaNews.com
We guess the website’s name spoke for itself. Well, apart from that, it's probably one of the sites completely filled with episode reviews mainly. Visit their home page, and you may find them in abundance. If anime wasn’t enough, despite its name the show has kept up with the international shows, movies, and content as well.
Even A.M. News’s site comes off as quite a detailed episode writing website. It definitely checks in for every basic question a viewer might have about a particular anime or its movie. Plus point is you also get an intricate analysis and a great point of view from the writers of the site as well.

5.The Artistree
Looking at The Artistree, it's pretty new to the anime field, to be honest. But it's past of covering the best of Films, Television shows, and music is the reason they are doing great with anime as well. They always had a goal of welcoming new art and introducing it to a wider audience.
Even The Artistree’s way of writing anime episode reviews is much like every site. But what makes it special is their heart for the art and the artists behind them. Their aim has always been to make sure every art receives the recognition it should.
At the moment, The Artistree is amidst its expansion in the Anime and Gaming field across borders. Anime is looking to be one of their pivotal focuses moving. Especially since the company has joined hands with Otakukart, another big name in Anime Industry.

6. Anime Troop
Well, we really are not sure from where Anime Troop came in. But for a while, it has maintained the goal of theirs for covering everything related to Anime. With only one category to represent, the site actually makes the best of it. Especially in episode reviews.
At Anime Troop, you can find almost every popular anime’s episode review, spoilers and predictions included with release dates. Apart from that, they also cover theories and predictions that may follow particular anime’s episode, plot, or movie. Thus leaving the Otakus’ scratching their head waiting for what’s next.

7. Omnitos
Omnitos originally started out in 2016 with the aim to provide the most accurate information about an anime, its manga, its movie, or anything related to it. The company at that time acknowledge the misinformation spreading around which caused the anime fans to get confused for keeping up with their favorite show.
So, with a complete analysis and unbiased opinions, Omnitos bring us every single detail about the Anime episode and its next parts. They believe in introducing the information just fingertips away from the fans. 

8. Tremblezer
Tremblezer here Is also much like Stanford Arts Review. Their main focus is on technology, games, and entertainment. If you visit the site now, you may find the anime writers of Tremblezer have kept themselves quite up to date. Almost every single popular anime episode is being covered.
Tremblezer’s way of writing could be seen as quite a guide towards the next episode’s Anime. There is a slight intro, release date, and time. Then they also keep up a countdown to the next episode. Apart from that, you can also get a quick recap from the previous episode or a particular season of Anime.

9. Stanford Arts Review
Stanford Arts Review comes off as a whole news site package. It aims to cover almost every aspect from General News, Business, and Entertainment. Anime Episode reviews are one of the parts of these all news topics they cover.
Stanford Arts Reviews’ knack for keeping up with newer animes and being open to art forms is probably the reason it works. Furthermore, their episode articles almost answer every basic question an individual could have about a particular anime and its episodes.

10. Random Curiosity
Random Curiosity has been around since the early-mid 2000s blogging days. Originally started by Omni, the site was all about everything he watched and enjoyed. Right from Television shows to movies. There were a few breaks and revivals mid-way. Even Omni retired from blogging in 2010. 
Still, the site continued with a new domain randomc.net and name. It thrived in the coming years and has stood the test of time. Today Random Curiosity extensively keeps up with Anime Episodes. They often provide previews of the coming episode to hype fans up and then get along to their intricate analysis.