5paisa Promo Code To Get Free Demat Account & Rs 100

5paisa promo code is “AQIB004” which helps you to get free demat account and rs 100 in your wallet. 5 Paisa is a popular trading platform where users can start their Demat account and buy shares of different companies. Currently, 5 Paisa has a very amazing user interface and it is easy for the users to operate the app and can start trading without any worries. So below i have complete details about how to create account using 5paisa promo code.

5paisa Promo Code

But if they are starting a Demat account with our 5paisa promo code “AQIB004” then users will get to use the trading account without paying the transaction fees. The account will be free for a whole month and there is no limit of transactions you can do in that month, you don't have to pay a single penny as a transaction fee. 

How can we create a 5 Paisa Demat account Using 5Paisa Promo Code?

First of all I want to tell that the process of creating a Demat account on 5 Paisa is quite easy, you just need to follow all the steps that we have given below so that you can create the account with ease. Make sure that you have your PAN Card because there will be a need for a PAN card. The complete process will take almost 15 minutes because there are 5 pages and all are mandatory to fill. So here are the steps that you need to follow -
•    Enter email and password and 5paisa promo code : AQIB004
•    On the first page, you need to enter your PAN card details so that they can confirm your name.
•    After that, you need to enter the Date of Birth, then verify contact details with the OTP process, and then add Bank details by providing the correct account number and IFSC code. 
•    On the second page, you need to enter your personal information by filling in your name, father's name, mother's name, Marital Status, Gender, and in the end, add your occupation and qualifications. 
•    On the third page, users need to fill in the address details that are mentioned on their Aadhar card then just tap on the proceed button. 
•    Now on the next page, we need to choose the plan that we want and we will choose as per our convenience then scroll down and select the Full-service Demat account option.It will provide services at zero charges. Then accept the terms and conditions option.
•    Now on the final page, you need to submit all the necessary documents like PAN Card, Signature, Photo, Address proof, and Bank Proof. 
•    Users will be able to see the green mark after every option and make sure that they don't have to tap on the derivatives option. The images can be chosen from the Gallery. 
•    After completing all the steps, now you need to verify your number from OTP so that they can verify your Aadhar card.
•    Then just select the option of authorization and tap on the Proceed option. 
•    Just complete all the formalities by verifying your name, now you can start trading without having to worry about it. 

In this way, you will be able to create a Demat account of 5 Paisa. If you find any issues while registration then don't worry, they will help you and tell you the complete process via calling. Now if you want an extra income then you can go with the Refer and Earn option by tapping on the Menu option. Then the person who will register with your promo code can take certain benefits and also provide benefits to you. 

5 Paisa Promo Code and Referral Offer

Users just need to register their ID and enter the promo code to get a registration bonus. A user will get the registration bonus of Rs.100 after signing up with the promo code. There is an amazing Referral offer for the users at this platform. If you are referring anyone then you will get the ledger balance Rs.250 for each referral.
There is no limit to how many people you are referring to, you will get the bonus for each referral.

5paisa charges

Generally, 5 Paisa charges Rs.20 for every transaction, which is economical but if we are opening a Demat account with someone's promo code then it will be beneficial for both users. A new trader will not want to bear extra expenses because it is a new platform for them. Once they are habitual and do big amounts of transactions, they will not worry about the transaction fees. 


So that's all about the 5 Paisa Promo Code, users can get some bonus after registering with the promo code we have mentioned above. It will be very beneficial to register with someone's code so that we can have some benefits. Still, if you have any doubts then you can ask us in the comment section.