A true inspiration for Indian girls and women of color all around the world - Aditi Oberoi Malhotra

I've been a go getter since childhood," Aditi Oberoi Malhotra tells us. My parents always supported me and I moved to the US almost ten years back from India.”

"It was all of a sudden 5 years ago I started blogging," she explains of her desire to write about fashion & beauty, post runway photos & travel. "I studied fashion and gravitating towards this was a natural progression for me. I use to watch runway shows on Fashion TV everything inside me use to say 'This is it” and this is the path I want to embark on, that is why I studied fashion.”

I remember when I first started blogging in 2015 it was just an outlet to share my outfits, what inspired me - from runway photos to editorials, about beauty and things I liked. It wasn’t something I decided to “be”, it was something that happened over time and became a fulltime job with the development of this industry and the growth of my website and other social media accounts. It eventually grew to become a community where I share all things fashion, beauty, travel, and more! 

What takes it to get that kind of following on social media and she said, “My strategy has always been to create quality content. I find that when you get too caught up in the numbers, it’s easy to lose creative control. I focus more on creating great content, developing new concepts, and developing relationships with brands, my peers, and my followers.”

It took almost a year of dedicated work and after that the brands collaborations like LV, Dior, Givenchy  to name some came calling in.

"I remember walking into the LVMH headquarters for the first time" that's when I had my first pinch-me moment. 

Her star continued to rise and she got signed by an agency and brands like Marc jacobs, Bvlgari, Isabel Marant, Dior, Givenchy to name some started liking her work on Instagram.

Aditi also became a mom to a beautiful baby boy Arian little over a year back, and is enjoying being a mother and an entrepreneur. Sometimes her inner rebel rises up: "I feel I want to do all the things myself, which is not possible and it use to annoy me but thankfully I have a great team now," she says, " In this profession you have to create good work and have to be YOU to stand out."

“As it is a very saturated place it is very easy for one to intentionally or unintentionally copy other successful influencers/brands but that can only take you so far. Originality is the key as it will make you stand out, the sooner you learn that more successful you will become in this super competitive space.”

The industry's work ethic has made me feel welcomed. "Everyone is so driven to make things happen and to be respectful of other peoples' visions," she muses, before adding, "I still feel more representation is required for the women of color.".

She has one piece of advice to aspiring fashion & beauty bloggers who might read this from their bedrooms in India, or elsewhere: "If you want to be something in life you have to work hard to get it & never give up. You may fail millions of times, but keep going. If I can get here, so can you."

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